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I love that. So there's one comic shop that's here that does like they're making a family kind of age like they'll have things going on so yesterday for example for free comic book day. They had a like inflatable. Like ounce house slide by me. The bike shop that sells bicycles. That's next to it. Had an obstacle course out so kids could write a bike. Obstacle course They were raising money for the children's hospital burn unit so they had the local fire and police out. They had like raffles and stuff like that for Raising money but what they also had was an all took a picture this and send it to you firemen. Who's an artist. He drew him. He was drawing on like blink. Comic book covers and raffling off. And then some of 'em he blew up in printed as Posters and. I bought three posters No that thank you. I'll take a picture so that was at pack rat comics in hilliard. Ohio and we got. Some bookstores cost players ghostbusters. Man delorean captain marvel and they had kind candy and popcorn and everything kids had a great time. And then we shot over to another comic book store on the other side of columbus because this is cool Salmon's never been there. They have a lotta cut zillah stuff and solomon love godzilla and it was hilarious. He's going through the store and he's like dad. I just there's too much counselor so much. It was hilarious. It was like he was exhausted by just how much there was. He's excited at that store was just comics. They didn't they Save a guide. Her i guess they have the items for wonder woman day early at this shop so they had like the cruiser going to do wonder woman day this year. And i haven't martin mckenna. I don't remember what it is. So she got the crown and the bracelet for that and she was having fun with brat and james talking about walking and then we also got. They had the table of free stuff. And i got this big. I mean huge poster. And i posted it on our social media that says Superman hits back. It's from right. After death of superman and in the bottom it signed by mike carlin and i even like messaged mike carlin on facebook like mike is this your signature and he replied. Yup i on. So i don't know where i'm going to put it because it's so hagan. Hardy have so much stuff in. My walls are sitting here before we started recording. I'm like okay. I'm like i'm like okay. What can move around to put this up. So right and that was awesome. And i also got a infinite frontier poster. That was how so. I wanna get that superman in frontier poster up on our comic trump. I go up. They have batman one up up to really awesome all infinite frontier. Yeah all the frontier wrap around that. They've made a poster stuff. Batman on those are all really others as six went over there they serve a year usually at should have went to a different on out of there but another shop but we every year they usually do cookies or eats up neno but with everything going on. You just made a deal ice cream shop. Ross way imprinted up little cards and full ice so everybody got a free ice cream. Some went Books brown every The cost players town. A every air guy has really awesome. Assume that he wears this year had or amer with them and a guy got a really will strain got bit cheat. She's got a one division scarlet witch osteo Dress up at cheer spider solitaire. Yeah it was on in on went through chemo. I try yachts at what What i like about the second shop was. They put out like any comic books. They had from free kabwe from any year so they had the first big shelf. Was this year's comments. And then there was two thousand nineteen and back so you could get comics four comics per show so the second shop kids and i really loaded up and they had a lot more like kitty comics Which was really nice because they also like halloween. I guess like in comments or something to it was neat. So what was it made a really enjoyable time to be able to get a bunch of comics and a variety of comments. I feel like the this year's comics was very much. They were getting the same stuff Of course find the king shark. Barks chart we were. We were looking around and my sister says our brain she on that ad baked Extreme child on county But it had no discernible rating on covered. I was looking for and finally founded on and it was I'd always like no book wasn't off on girl on girl and in the first ages there's an accident their pop open girl even the artwork. The artwork on the other cheek is our area child which he said. Yeah and ben just opened up a tight raided Ought front cover like it should bullcrap now. It's it's it's it's a big difference Big difference seller book up extreme child eric. Berry all 'em on the back. Bottom and out alan email nudity broke drawn as opposed to book. That says black lab at it is that is rated mature that is that says it onto front that insurance idle and and you know you have a bank drawn in shadow and drawn.

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