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A designed. Qb draw with the mark accident. Open-field is one of the best if not the best thing. The watching football led both teams with eighty six yards rushing that one for twenty eight that sets up this justin tucker as quashes any kicker maybe ever forty two seconds left forty seven yards away. And it's good to the ravens. Take a twenty seven. Twenty four lead quite fund was just beginning. Lamar the raiders would have that much time and they would get daniel colson and this rain fifty. Five yards away jackie's got it on real just canada leg. Pipes it through right down. The middle would kick bingoing tied at twenty seven fans going crazy worrying overtime. Third and fourth of the raiders. Here's your ballgame. Brian edwards behind the defense dominique. We think it's the game winner. Oh man is so much pressure from the ravens and then we thought it was over. I turned off my tv. I was ready to go to sleep. But then my side of getting text messages attorney back all right. Because he's just short of the goal line. So the raiders. Get it at the one. And then they're stuffed on first down and here comes second down the rookie. Alex leatherwood call out by data lineman. But this is when it gets worse avert your eyes. Dominico off the helmet and it's intersex. I love pinball turnover. Bet gonna work for. John didn't lavin anthony a with the pits of the ravens takeover and lamar's got a chance for the second. I'm the clinical fumble. Yeah again the martin trying to do too much bite. You gotta get credit to the raiders. Down there d. Line was on all night like ports lights. It was a problem for raiders for the ravens offense. Because this was last night. I wouldn't go easing the raiders. Get the ball into field goal range. They're going to send carlson back out there for the game winning kick but old everything they take delay of game penalty. So they're gonna run call and back off of their again second and fourteen. Thirty one with the offense on the field. Here's how it actually ends. Derek carr say jones behind. The modern humphries was great all day but he got picked by zone guy in that situation. The tough way to end the game for the raymond but in amazing way to open the season with fans in the stands for the raiders. Cards mussa four hundred thirty five yards. The raiders. cana. Thriller jon gruden how we feel like.

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