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Very well done that is awesome if you're not aware that lynchburg is the home of thomas road baptist church where they attend and the church that is adjacent to liberty university jerry falwell having started both of those and his sons run of the jerry passed away a few years ago as most of you know and jonathan is the pastor sanjal as the pastor at thomas road and jerry of course is the president of the university and both are good friends and great guys and thomas road baptist church is taking their whole church through financial peace university and those guys are coordinators for it in the midst of this whole story of there's so very very cool i was up there speaking the other day and just wonderful beautiful campus wonderful people a lot of fun lot of fun good to get to hang out with them and it changes everything when a church when the whole church gets on the idea of we're gonna live on a plan get out of debt and invest and be in a position to give and it changes the whole giving patterns of everybody when they get when they're not broke anymore you know all of us whether you go to church or not it changes your giving pattern it's easier to be generous when you're not broke hello that's that's kind of a math thing not hard to figure this stuff out but sometimes it feels like it's hard so congratulations to brandon and kelly very very well done you guys that's pretty cool one hundred and twenty one thousand dollars paid off that's freedom we we're talking about earlier freedom three freedom get you some when are you going to get your son you gotta make the decision freedom this is the dave ramsey show.

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