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Doctor Scott lap this is doctor Thomas out author of of ages health health is a do it yourself program my book now also available in audio version is a step by step program of how to take control of your health and wellness without drugs or needless surgery you have the capacity to change your health and level of well being take control of your health today in order health is a do it yourself program for more information and to order please visit ageless health book dot com that age was health book dot com find a home is offering some of our lowest rates of the season on fixed rate mortgages so what now our earnings go back into giving our members low rates on mortgages and more so you can have the power to purchase your perfect home everyone is welcome to apply visit hand fed dot org that's to receive any advertised product you must become a member offense that insured by NCUA equal housing lender fast reliable internet is that important to your business we couldn't work without it Comcast business we go beyond fast with amazing solutions and a great deal what kind of solutions well how about automatic four G. LTE backup for complete reliability I like the sound of that what else powerful wifi that keeps your employees connected and fans with you can allocate between your customers and employees I didn't know Comcast business at that I'm not done yet advance voice solutions at affordable prices business TV to keep customers entertained okay okay I'm convinced but didn't you say something about a great deal right now get started with twenty five megabit internet for thirty nine ninety five per month for two years when you add one voice mobility lines plus get free installation call one eight hundred five oh one six thousand today Comcast business beyond our friends at four nineteen restrictions apply new business customers only two year agreement required early termination fee applies equipment taxes and fees extra subject to change back I've wanted update hours locally Novak has the most reliable power in the region and we all know how important being reliable is especially with my electricity no neck provides electricity from.

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