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Is here with more of America's First News. Brennan House Democrats this week plan to vote on two bills aimed at reopening the government as President Trump again called on them to end the partial shutdown by supporting his request for a wall along the border. This barrier will stop illegal activity while directing lawful trade travel and commerce to our ports of entry. These ports are America's doors, but doors only work when you have strength. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says majority leader Mitch McConnell could end the shutdown if he wanted to it's time for congress to fulfill our constitutional duty to govern even without the president. It's time for leader. Mcconnell to realize he has the power to break. This impasse McConnell has indicated he will only bring up spending bills that have the support of Trump Republicans in the house have moved to strip congressman Steve king of his committee assignments after the Iowa Republican gave an interview in which he questioned why white supremacy is considered offensive house minority leader Kevin McCarthy, I don't know Republicans that any Republican stand with the language that Steve king news. I hope this is an example of what this party has stood for and I hope on the other side of the aisle, but they will do the same. But I watched their member say items as well that does not stand as an American the decision by the House Republican steering committee to remove king from his post. Senate Judiciary agriculture and small business. Committees must be ratified by the full caucus of house. Republicans king who has a history of making statements that critics have condemned as racist said in a statement is comments were completely mischaracterized a year after a mudslide swept through a fire devastated. California town killing twenty one people residents. Hundreds of homes in Bern. Areas are told to pack up and leave as a Pacific storm threatened potential catastrophe east of Los Angeles mandatory evacuations were ordered yesterday for a dozen areas around the holy fire. The state's been hit by flooding rains, snows and mudslides. Hyundai was the big awards winner at the Detroit auto show, capturing both car of the year, an SUV of the year honors the Genesis g seventy had already been named the Motor Trend car of the year in November the Hyundai Kona and the electric cone e took the top SUV honor Chuck of the year went to Chrysler's ram fifteen hundred pickup. And I think there we have a new marketing campaign. Oh, you think you might see that somewhere? I'm guessing probably awards for the commercials. Thanks, jen. Twenty three minutes after the hour on this morning. America's First News. Dave Ramsey here.

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