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Civic three eastern Sunday three Pacific six eastern. Well we've got a lot to talk about today. Last night was the TLC paper view and when we were doing the show yesterday we were in the middle of the pre show match and three show match was Umberto Correo WPRO and Andrade as watching it and it's good it's good match. Umberto Korea one man. Oh man they're not doing the fifty fifty fifty good match some good stuff here. Pay Per view started with a ladder match between the new day and and the revival good match lot of creative spots. Nobody got killed. Things are looking good after that ulcer. Blackened Buddy Murphy come out and nobody cares early because you know also black has been in a room for eight months wanting people to knock on his door buddy murphy knocked on his door month ago. Nothing happened window now. They're finally fighting. Nobody cares but you know what they had a great match next thing. You know the crowds given this big ovation afterwards. That man oh man what is show we got here today then. It fell off a cliff. Viking Raiders Galveston Anderson Double Count Out it rains versus Corbin. TLC match boring the most boring. TLC match you've ever seen beret white versus the MS Godawful worse deputy me we Russa versus Lash Lena tables match. It was fine but given all the time that they've devoted this on television. Nobody cared about this match. And then the main event Vicky Charlotte versus Hoskin Kyri Sane about fifteen minutes in saint got hurt match completely fell apart ended up a total disaster Oscar ends up getting the belts four straight. He'll wins on the Christmas edition. The final w you pay per view of two thousand nineteen the final pay per view the.

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