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Backup. Ben Simmons is on the floor for them with Kyrie Irving, and Dwayne Wade Karl Anthony towns getting some run here to starting James harden for the first time as Dwayne Wade under the basket NIST vuckovich gotten his way off of rebound reload to harden, it's a three on his first shot of this all star game. A hard almost says two thousand points already made the break remarkable story. That's a heck of a year two points. Right. Thirty one straight thirty point games for his Westbrook. Mrs from outside we have them three times next week coming up next, though, what nine days the turnover on a pass across court for hardened Paul George picks it up now court de ngelo Russell's wide open for three launches and MRs long rebound. Ben Simmons guides it to have. Court goes down the middle flushes where the left hand. Going to be playing a lot all star games. This is number one for the Sixers. Ben simmons. Just like that LeBron has already. There's George hitting for brave from outside. Fifty six forty two team. Janas Simmons passes to Anthony towns. Business the corner three but on the weak side irvington citizenship. Dealing with a bulky knee injury. The last week, here's Westbrook. What a move to get by towns as it in you like that one. He's got the ooh look on his face for the people in the front row. Here's Irving driving against bitch stops on the baseline reverse. It lays it in. Raffi one of the best ball handlers in the league pass to Westbrook had an easy. Layup sends it out to the three point line Detroit who turned his back after he shot it. His teammate happy right returned down a wide open. Doug to hit his teammate out for the open three Paul George three better than soon. Right. You bet fifteen point lead tedious. Is Wade splashing from the left corner. Really the best part of his being with three point line. In his thirteenth and final all star game in his last season. Underway. Second quarter sixty one twenty nineteen Janas leading team. Lebron Nikola Vuckovic to the Atlanta magic seven to shoot rolling with the left hand in the latest year. Not a lot of people get to see Orlando. But claimed better ball of late. That's down the other way, which tips if it goes to team LeBron feeding Simmons at the rim on the Elliott jam team Nevada has it back down twelve. Bitch, twenty points, twelve rebounds for game at Orlando's making a little and sits in a row. Shucks. Star game all gone for threes. I'm just watching their bench every makes going nuts. Michigan straight on triple tapped out by Simmons gotta balance to team with fifty eight to go here in the first half. Is going to get a hand as he checks out of the TV honest lineup and the captain the Greek freak coming back in. We got the Vicki with three threes. Dwayne Wade with a triple. Final all star game. It to be a little easier. When no starting. Ski hasn't officially said. If this is his last year, not he's left open the possibility. Well, let's see he may three threes tonight. He's made twenty-five threes. All so. Oh. Curry to George left corner. Three is good. Paul George is big so hot over the last month. Late tonight. Got twelve. Four or five all three distance sixty nine fifty one team becomes team. Lebron urban cradles the ball, flips it up. No good tip out. Ben Simmons is able to save it on the end line down for. Vicious don't town. Sixteen point. I thought it was just twelve because.

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