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Creating treacherous road conditions minnesota twins home game against the chicago white sox at target field snowed out the centers for disease control says a multistate e coli outbreak that has sickened nearly three dozen people across eleven states is linked to lettuce grown in arizona no deaths reported agencies not identified a common grower supplier distributor or brand you're listening to abc news arizona's news station news station ktar on air ninety two three fm online at ktar dot com and streaming live on the ktar news app your breaking news and traffic now saturday afternoon it's three oh to i'm john roller here's what we're following this hour governor doug ducey back in phoenix this afternoon yesterday the governor was down along the border speaking in gallup's about what the more than three hundred national guard troops will be doing as they're deployed on the border they are going to be working with customs and border patrol at the border and we're going to leave it to the law enforcement experts as to where they should be deployed he says the troops will focus on stopping the trafficking of drugs illegal money guns and illegal immigration into arizona well it was a wild ride on the west side overnight phoenix police say a suspect dead after being shot during a confrontation with officers none of whom were injured details still coming out but police say the shooting occurred early this morning after a pursuit and a carjacking attempt right around thirteen th avenue in thomas according to police officers fired at the suspect after he pointed a gun at phoenix police department celebrating a special group of people this week their hard work and dedication to the job a potluck banners and lots of verbal.

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