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So i much more money do we need to give the second life three grand but please don't demo me anymore it's very difficult to get money out of him oh i've found out you'll you have like a limit and i can only do like three thousand dollar transfers at a time so right now that's why we have to wait till september it's going to take me weeks to get this money out of in mount as crazy but air cassette she'd new somebody's have we can speed that problem i mean i think for a good cause maybe it'll bend the rules will but yeah but either way before september in the middle of september two veterans will get started turning on duck which is awesome i honestly thing i take the motion for being like the greatest boss ever look i led a is it's k out almost to the point i've let it get away too far i'm watching this billy football presentation he taken show i mean fuck and load it i literally haven't said two words kent and he's that folk incomparable were like half the presentation has taken shots at me fled what the fuck i i literally haven't said a word tabs i'm watching it in my eyes and in terms of this kid awful fucking comfortable taking shots at me i don't even know who he is is his name billy william football the third i believe is it actually billio yeah at the antler's ally of the i don't know i don't know i don't know two who take shot at like they're all the boss without ever saying how old i learnt even there to defend yourself i literally i was so sick on friday the shifts conception i'm back because i'm a fucking mantra the king he be down maradona for a decade no i can't beat that shit somehow yeah um but looking like a balloon not the gross building a wall yeah billy football shot ticker apparently.

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