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An it's not now that we're getting but metz but but is being a pop star they're trying to be anti pops doesn't the by the by the sick this do you think the lovely exit utter a that'll real at civilised adding i think i like the fought its defeats divided the room wrong rugged on right that's good record should divide people on a i think about his what law is the ninth of these records awful everybody by definition that not from nozzle michaeli's they and he gave body language listening is that right but i pint blood they exist and particularly he made me listen to both of them alphand album of the house wet tom because then you're at least that's what i did a thought at least a museum a time wisely he i was your kitchen flew it as a say now reminds with a lovely eggs records tests dreadful complex article michael don't worry we'll have for local playfully it'll be fought finally let's talk about the movie service specifically flops that shouldn't have flopped everyone has a favorite movie that should have done a lot better he may find it personally hurtful you'll favorite didn't actually become partnered world world alight with music was no bragging value in that red pressing never head vr flopped movies all just flops so we've asked michael and sean to choose the maybe that should have been huge but wasn't michael each using well ira agonized over this i had uncle a list of about six though i could talk about i thought office space yes which i love that's got cult following yes south the odds on if that counts scott pilgrim bush of the world which are light which flopped books as well kiss kiss bang bang leaves ever seen that when you went down a junior and val kilmer kind of newark.

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