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Mississippi was the last day to include the symbol of the pro slavery Confederacy. It was adopted by white supremacist lawmakers a generation after the South lost the war. Republican Governor Tate Reeves says he'll sign the bill. A commission will come up with a new flag that can't include the Confederate battle emblem. But must include the words in God we trust will be submitted to the voters November 3rd. Vice President Mike Pence, told a crowd at a Dallas megachurch yesterday that faith will help the nation through a time of protest that has seen the destruction of some public statues. Veranda Suarez from member Station K. R Reports First Baptist. Alice is led by Pastor Robert Jeffress, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, and Pence found a warm welcome there as he talked about the pandemic and national protests for racial justice. He condemned the killing of George Floyd, but said the destruction of statues and public property will not be tolerated. You see statues of Some of our nation's greatest heroes being torn down and one can't help but wonder. About ancient question that if the foundation's crumble how can the righteous stand Confederate monuments have come down across the South during protests in recent weeks for NPR news? I'm Miranda Suarez. The world has two milestones in the Corona virus pandemic yesterday. There are now more than 10 million confirmed cases and more than 500,000 people have died. The U. S has both the most cases and the most debts more than 2.5 1,000,000 cases and more than 125,000 deaths. The governor of California is ordering the closure of bars in seven counties, citing the rise in confirm Corona virus cases. Queen Achim from member station KQED reports Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials have said all along that the data would guide re openings and closures. Well, there has been a modest uptick in confirmed cases and hospitalizations in the state as a whole. Some counties are looking at a spike Newsome is ordering those counties to close their bars because of concerns of community spread. Several counties in the central part of the state were on the list, including fresh know where hospitalizations have gone up, and the number of cases per 100,000 have increased by 114% in the last two weeks. Similar data lead the state to require Los Angeles and Imperial County's both in Southern California to shut their bars, too. For NPR news. I'm Queen A. Kim in San Francisco, Texas, is also heard bars too close again. Governor Greg Abbott says that Cove in 19 has taken a very swift and dangerous turn. This is NPR. Pakistani police say four gunmen attacked the Pakistani stock exchange building in Karachi today with grenades and automatic rifles. They say two people were killed. Security forces killed all four Attackers. The building is located in a high security zone but also houses the headquarters of many private banks, A separatist group claimed responsibility. Canada's two major airlines say they'll end physical distancing on flights by the end of the week. Dan Carpet Chuck reports They're Canada and West Jet now join American Airlines in booking flights to full capacity. West jet says it will remove seat distancing protocols on domestic flights beginning on July the first West. Yet, officials say their flights have heaped air filters installed to help clean recirculated air. They add that the airflow and cabins goes from ceiling to floor, so an extra barrier isn't necessary. Officials also say the seatbacks provide protection for passengers. WestJet says it has beefed up cleaning and sanitizing as well as introduced mandatory temperature checks. Of all passengers with a requirement that all passengers and crew wear masks. Air Canada says it will also end seat restrictions at the same time is West Jet for NPR News of Dan Carpet Shock in Toronto, a 74 year old former police officer is due in court in Sacramento, California today. Joseph D'Angelo is believed to be the Golden State killer responsible for dozens of rapes and 13 murders in California in the seventies and eighties. He was arrested only two years ago based on new DNA technology. Investigators linked evidence to a distant relative. D'Angelo's through popular DNA data days. I'm Nora RAHM NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, supporting those working towards a day when no one has to choose between paying rents, putting food on the table and protecting their health and the health of others are w. J f dot org's From the center for Investigative Reporting in P R X. This is reveal I'm outlets over the past month. Protests have helped give unprecedented attention to the issue of police brutality. But right wing extremists are also trying to seize the moment. At a black lives Matter. Rally in Richmond, Virginia, A man claiming to be a leader drove his truck into a group of protesters in Oakland, California man who follows the online boogaloo movement allegedly shot and killed a federal security officer. They want to kick off chaos and they want to start. The Reese warns that always waiting for some Chaotic event to happen that'll help them kick this off. Megan Squire is a computer scientist who studies online extremism at Elon University in North Carolina. She's seen firsthand.

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