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Memorial Day. Bill is off today. He'll be back tomorrow. Hey, let's talk about William Rick singer, the man at the center of this college admissions scandal. There's some new information coming out that doesn't that doesn't have anything to do with the current set of prosecutions of him and parents and coaches, but does show the possibility. Maybe he was full of it before he was full of it. Here's what happened. In two thousand sixteen there was a lawsuit going on. It was a graduate of the Sidwell friends school, which you may remember from when Barack Obama was president and his kids went there, and it's a very very, you know, exclusive high falutin big time private school in the DC area, and there was a student who graduated who happened to be African American and couldn't get into a bunch of schools. And determined in, in their opinion of the student and the family that teachers and administrators had discriminated against him and retaliated against him. And that's why he couldn't get in to Harvard or Yale or Columbia. And and you know what I think about it, it was a girl. It was not a guy in any event. So they file a lawsuit against the school and Sidwell hires Rick singer for three hundred dollars an hour to come and basically testify on behalf of the school to look at her grades her extracurricular activities her. She was a track and field athlete to look at it. And to say, oh, she didn't get into these schools because she just wasn't good enough according to their standards. That's all. So obviously that means they thought he was an expert, so he gets to the deposition, and the attorney for the families questioning him, and it goes on for like six hours. And here's what's interesting. They ask Rick singer, you know. Hey, have you ever been part of a college admissions committee designated by school to, to, to help make admission decisions? And he said, yeah. And he started rattling off names of all these schools, like, and they're all pretty impressive, Chapman university UC Davis UCLA university of Miami. Dillard university down in Louisiana. And he said, well, for example, when I was at UCLA. My job was to give the applicant a score, I would look at their application and their transcripts in their personal essays kind of what I did at UC Davis. And that I went there because they asked to be to. Who asked you? I, I don't remember. Oh, well who recruited you to come help out at UC Davis? You know, I don't really remember. So here's the deal. According to UCLA and you see Davis. And Chapman and the university of Miami, according to them, Rick singer never did nothing was never there. It's never on admissions. Committee didn't do any of it. Now it looks like the Dillard university thing is legit. They did confirm that they brought him in and this was after what happened is. After Hurricane Katrina as you might imagine. You had a lot of people leaving the area, including a lot of good students and Dillard, that's in New Orleans was like we need some help in attracting the good student, try to get them to come back to the area. And apparently they did. Bring him in. Now. What's interesting is that. He said that he did the stuff for UCLA and UC Davis and Chapman. And you of Miami, the things that the school says he never did anything Russ. He said he did that voluntarily. In other words, he didn't get paid. He just did it as volunteer now. Dillard, he was paid. So it's interesting that he has the best memory. About a thing that was prop that was real. And he was getting paid. And then it looks like or one could certainly infer here. He made up. A bunch more experience with higher name recognition schools. He must have known there'd be no payroll records of him. He wouldn't have any pay stubs or anything. And so he says, well, I did all of that voluntarily now. It does look like he did not lie about his educational history. They did confirm with the university of Laverne that he got a master's degree in school counseling. He told the lawyer in the deposition that he enrolled in a doctoral program at Capella university, but he didn't get his degree, and that was confirmed, or at least somebody with the name Rick singer was employed in a PHD program and left before, completing the degree. Also, he had to admit that he'd never worked as a college admissions counselor at a high school, and that he was not a member of the national association for college admission counseling, which is the main membership organization for such things. But what he did do and I have a feeling now that this is the pitch that he gave to all of these rich parents, as well, is I have so much experience doing this. But now, I don't think we can be sure how much experience he ever really had, or what if he did have experience, although schools, but we find out that there was an inside person there to giving him access to those different records. And maybe then he could see. Oh, well Sally Smith comes from a super wealthy family, but she's not a really great candidate. However, if I tell Sally Smith's family, this is the way to get your kid in. I get a little cash, it just raises even more suspicions that possibly none of what he ever did was legitimate. Yeah. As opposed to he was a legitimate guy. He really knew his stuff and then whatever he turned to the dark side, maybe his entire career has been based on falsehoods. I don't know but it doesn't look good. In terms of what he was yacking about at this deposition. And this is way before this whole thing was on anybody's radar. All right. When we come back. Oh, yes. Speaking of getting into college the SAT's they're going to start using a new score an additional score. It's called an adversity score. Some people say it's nothing more than racial quotas dressed up nicely. Let's get into what it's about, and see if we agree or not. It's KFI AM six forty. Jennifer Jones, Lee. You have some news. LA county's investigating whether.

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