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So if you talk about some he's crazy platfrom hires at apple is done right they have this guiding him cody white former lead engineer of apple of of amazon's lumber yard virtualreality platform another person duncan mcrae roberts met his former director of software development yuri petrov former oculus researcher r e bars the worked on the holland's and google earthy tim cooke is visited hollow lens um they have acquired a lot of third party companies to kind of build this portfolio of the knowledge that they can then put into their phones and their devices but i just think that augmented reality we it if there's a platform that maybe they can push for jamaa because they have so many devices out there and if they can show us at least kind of the the first step of it being more apple goal applicable in be able to use on a daily basis i think this they have an opportunity to do this with iowa's levin i don't know exactly if they're going to blow it out of the water i don't this is all speculation but i think that this wwe dc apple has an opportunity to surprise us and they typically don't have not had that opportunity because we know everything so that's why my thinking is like show us something if you're talking this big game about on minarelli it's time to show at something the they have to shore something because the narrative among apple fans in us you know just around this building the last couple of years has been like apple is behind in their own looking kind of sad and we want more innovation like all our other phonecalls were like what is going to do their vision so they have to do something big and i and i think that they know that too especially after google lives all the other day they know that that they have to like hit a home run so we'll see what they're gonna do.

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