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They may have to have retired like just like is visit at the actual best players the player. You'd like the most whatever <hes> Dwyane Wade Dirk Nowitzki Ichiro were grunk on you. Go ahead first with US one hoof. This is a tough lip. Wait a second wait. Grab counted tired. Why do we think he's retired well? He he's currently retired so we're counting it. I I know he was starring passes Brady like literally yesterday worst. You'd be retired. Have you seen. In a picture of him he looks got off. Look all muscle mass yeah. He's what do you think he's doing. He's just partying crushes. He's worth millions has multiples. Role Rings has a very beautiful girlfriend. I I wouldn't be putting my brain in risk at that point yet to your PEC guide each rose such a legend and he's like the Man D. Wade obviously top three shooting guard of all time <hes> but I'm going Dirk because he defeated fielded Lebron James Single Hanley in an N._B._A.. Finals he is route show Jason Terry Stop Jason Terry did he did play Nice violence but dirk was the man he had game winning shots in that finals. He's one of the greatest greatest scores of all time is he. The Greatest European basketball player of all time I think so right <hes> I mean until Luke until Luka finish his career. Probably I guess it's him or Frank Ntilikina this point but I'm going dirk. WHO's your I? I like the dark. I was hoping you didn't pick delayed because I actually like I lost a lot of respect for like he made the whole m._b._a.. Season about him and it pissed me off so much with these Jersey swamps and everything this I hate the retirement tour more than anything like Dirk. Did it the right way. He didn't tell anyone who's retiring just went about his business and did it the right way so I'm glad you chose dark over delayed while the rest of the options each row grunk each Iraqi. I'M NOT GONNA go with any of those options. Actually the correct answer for this question is marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch is one of my favorite football players of all time he just recently retired. He's has given us so many great moments like he was rejected in a chiefs raiders game in like twenty seventeen and then he left the game and then they flash to him in like a hood mask literally watching the game in the stands on a Thursday night football game and Marylanders anything to him Clark Yeah the Gulf Martin Yeah you have the classic him eating skittles on the sideline the beast mode rhyme where and Charlie bleeped us out where he was like Holman and I think everyone remembers where they were for that game. I was Oh shoot. I said that I was I was in your basement..

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