Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Congress discussed on Morning Meeting


That that i'm gonna go home and i'm gonna be staring at the face of somebody i in a democratic primary who actually wants change and doesn't just talk about it so i think that's exactly right the message between now and that that could happen that if the democrats regardless whether they take back control the house or not even have a majority leader and minority leader would would be be an actual fullscale wouldn't call it a war but a battle between nancy pelosi in whoever it might be i think because i think about it again just going back to the seventeenth nancy pelosi has money and money is power and people who are running for congress think that they need that they need need money for kennedy can raise a hundred and fifty thousand dollars up here to run for congress you need a million five to two million bucks but for hundred and fifty thousand bucks if he wins if he beats this this this incumbent republican who has only passed one bill and eight years and nobody in the district knows he's gonna go there and he doesn't oh nancy pelosi anything and if there's a bunch of those then there's there's going to be playing i'm looking forward to and we'll set us up well for for two thousand twenty how how strong is her grasping if somehow the democrats don't win the majority in congress in november she still stick around so political courage is so rare they give an award out the kennedy library for wow that's incredible i mean what a testament to her as a as a leader i mean she's as a republican scott i envy the kahane's involved there because if we had that man i seriously think that the repeal of obamacare would have would have happened like it was supposed to one of the eighteen times that the republicans tried last year well let me let me ask you guys if you think about this say she stepped down tomorrow who's who's the heirapparent who's the.

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