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There is a wonderful movie for you to see right now called radioactive and it stars my guest Rosamund Pike as Madame Curie. . So this is amazing. . Russ welcome. . Welcome to <unk>. . Nice. . It's really really nice to see you I haven't seen you since. . We'll know know exactly when you were pregnant. . So I guess that son is walking around now being five or six years old exactly that he's five and he's he's little stuntmen so. . I've got. . Might follow his mother in some way. . Yes. . He vote him falling through a very big high everyday but. . I won't go into that anyway in in watching this movie, , which is so beautifully done to me. . It's just Marchan <unk> as director and putting what this life is in not at all stodgy bio kick manner. . No, , it's great and I'm looking at you and I'm thinking of your journey first movie bond girl. . End of the day, , I can remember you in that saying this line probably going to get this. Wrong . but it was I know all about you 007. . Sex for, , dinner. . Death for breakfast CEST. . Bang on I, remember , it to. . And now you're Madame Curie. . Yeah this is no other bond girls done this I feel that I could say that. . Madame Curie. . Yes. . No they may we'll try now but it's too late. . This might might be true. . Yes. . She she. . I mean, , yeah, , she was full medical creature I'm glad you picked up on I mean. . I couldn't you couldn't make conventional bio-pic about Madame Curie she was too much of a rebel in a she was unruly element in has she discovered to unruly and she was Nanri element. So . you needed margin <unk> direct with a bit of rock and roll and kind of approach that was going to kind of exploded the promises will she's got that and she's got kind of your mischief. . We know are remember when I first met you I thought well. . She's going to be quite imperious. . You know she's she does stage working the said you're just mad. . Which is which is Great. . Mischief I really love that would be to mischief is a great great word condemn. . Yeah I had a I had a birthday party recently thought was the kind of that was the code of conduct for the Party. . was mischief not s mischief. . As it should be you know even in a pandemic, , but you know I wanna go back to this because again I said this radioactive is not like any bio pic I've seen why is that? ? What attracted you to it? ? You know everybody would say, yes, , , I'd love to play manicured. . There's been a movie made back in the forties we're greer Garson, , and Walter Pidgeon were claimed that but it has that look of okay. . This is regulation they're not there seems like. . In radioactive that all the rules breath. . School is it. . You know it's GonNa. . Be Poked Science. . Oh Woman who you know she she looked navy look at the pictures. . She looks sadly conventional. . She wasn't I mean look the <unk> to cross with her from the Solway conference they'll eminent scientists of the day. . Rees looking very. . Cameron, , you can just see she can't be honest and she's talking to the personal her left and he's absorbed in what is she saying and? ? She just never played by the rules even when it was just sitting still from minute targets photograph taken the knife. . WanNa play this woman. This . does mischief to be had. . And I met my John Nice. . Yes, , she's the right spurious and we can dress this up than people can think we're giving them some chased food period drama. . Deliver you know we explode the be the boundaries and I felt that with anyone. . Who any character who could legitimize you to to flush Ford it would be someone like Mary Carey with her brain, which , would have had an inkling would've had an inkling of what the future could hold with this discovery of the phenomenon of radioactive not so. . It was exciting to me. . And I probably could even. . Could have been pushed found from my case even. .

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