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The zhou nailed and and the offenses is uh uh much more sophisticated than they were fifty five or fifty four i'm gonna have to believe although era football was known for absolute john lewis the kids today yonder in bigger than they were worthy race certainly are a uh our guys uh uh our guys back then when i played the we've we've ever thought about lifting weights say as much as they do today i don't think i could await when i played high school and co uh i uh collar stripped west virginia mmm that i saw the lifting llanos that's what the guys get it in college but today these guys these guys are enormous have great strength and their taller there i mean this much bigger than us back then backed him well i'm not gonna say uh but uh they're they're pretty tough you know our guys i guys on the elevators a lot of people go said say that the george washington but you can't either through our guys replete on tough when it comes down to it they had coach steve edwards senior this last saturday and services were this past wednesday his steve edwards junior the head coach john scowls chris lawrence was kind enough to share that john earlier this week and i thought it'd be a great tribute to play uh certainly the field that they play on at george washington high school is named after steve edward senior he was one of the the really really good ones our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the edwards family jim christie senior project manager with civil about environmental consultancy working for see see each and every employees employee owner we all work together every day the aguada beach health each other and make sure they were all success want each.

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