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In two thousand and three nike signed thirteen-year-old freddie due to a seven figure contracts. But freddie didn't live up to the height he is turned down every single documentary project looking closely at the details of his career. Until now we're going to look at everything you did because of the hype surrounding your arrival. And what they think you can be. I'm grant wall. And this is american prodigy. Freddy do from blue. I or podcasts Pressing to the means twenty fifty. It's the hockey pedia. Cast with your host dimitri philipovich. Welcome to hockey. Pedio cast dimitrova povich and joining. Me is my good buddy jordan. Samuels thomas jordan goodman nothing just Enjoy my time here. In san diego obviously played here for a couple of years. So it's that time of year where everything it's cold but it's not too bad here so this enjoying the time not on the ice right now. Well i gave you some homework for your first appearance on the podcast and it's At least those watching a game was watched some tape. It was and it was a good one at that. Where you and i are going to do the rewatch of chicago. La from the two thousand fourteen west finals game seven in particular. But i guess we'll start off here because this is a good kind of introduction point for us let's not it up with sort of the legacy of this game where or when when i pitched you this idea you're pretty fired up to do with me. what what is your your your memories of this this series this point of time in hockey. Where were you at personally sort of just like getting into dipping your toes into the water here with with this particular game series. What are sort of the lasting impressions and kind of the the where where you end of it. Personally like for me. Like i was just Finishing up my master's at quinnipiac I would. I would actually want him. Getting trained to buffalo from winnipeg like a month after this but this was the series is particularly interesting to me. Because i grew up big. La chains fan Not necessarily as..

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