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I think you're supportive of that. I think it will be soon. But you know all this also goes around to our own responsibility as investors for caveat into or understanding what we're doing, understanding the technology that we're using, understanding our obligations and investing and those two important rules and investing Rule number one never lose money. Rule number two. Remember Rule number one, you know, And so, but it's still brings up a number of key public policy questions in this new testing. Based on what we've seen in retail investment access and costs. And this new rule I would say in in Bolton boards and read it as compared to the bulletin board activity we saw begin in the earliest days of the Internet, leading up to the dot com crash. Representative Hill. I've got to remember both of those rules. That's where I've gone wrong. Let me just turn and ask you a little bit about Nancy Pelosi's statement to reporters on Thursday, where she said that the enemy is within the House of Representatives. Have you heard Or have you yourself felt any sort of fear? Any threats by other members of Congress? And what did you make of her statement that Thursday? Served in Congress. Six years I've had a collegial relationship on both sides of the aisle. I've never once felt any concern for my safety in the capital or From each other. Our colleagues Other than what happened in the capital on January 6th. So 0.1 point two is I was distressed by what Nancy Pelosi says. We need leaders in this country right now, who are toning down the rhetoric, not ramping up. The divisive rhetoric. Speaker. Pelosi has simply not gotten that message along the way before the election and post election that I really urge her. Theo, step back from this kind of rhetoric. And can I just follow up and then ask you as as we look towards next week, we're hearing that they may be a vote in terms of Liz Cheney and leadership on your side. Do you think she survives that and she remains in leadership. List. Cheney is a valued member of the Republican Conference. People have different views of votes and again In my six years I've heard a lot of people say that they're voting, their conscience, their voting their principles and that they shouldn't be condemned for it. And clearly in this particular instance. Congress moment. Cheney believes that she voted her principles and voted her conscience. And so in my view, she has just as much right to serve in the house and serving in leadership. If her colleagues supporter I'm supportive of Liz is a zoo member of our Leadership team, and I think it's important that we have a family discussion about that in the House Republican Conference and determine the best course to move forward, representative French Hill has been such an honor to talk to you representing that second district in Arkansas since 2000 and 15 hope to talk to you again very soon. Also want to thank Boyd Matheson and, of course, My colleague Bloomberg could political contributor partner of Stone Court Capital former campaign manager for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, Brick.

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