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I could put a youtube video of me molly no shoes and get you love it's like no one's paying for it now that's i i don't think that's all the ucs fall i think that's a combination of tony first in kevin lee not the biggest draws mighty mouse now to draw alter no he knows around vegas time the shooting no one would really be part of that is just so sober mood so lots of things split the the previous when the that was even lower by one hundred fourteen thousand buys i heard luke thomas him he did the research on a run take from that what he did an might be wrong secret he has a craig me but he said that it's the lowest backtoback people's they've ever had since you'll see like forty two well it was like you know came over so women can share merck where so someone else right while rough when a shia too all right people have been sending me this oj simpson just out and about again ho shit he's back so he's in vegas meanwhile with women saudi win a big story but now the three different women and just hanging up i'm you know what he so he just went straight to vegas and they're trying to get a ban from florida the prosecution's i kept huila jim floor and he's like my kids to hand on the kids don't want you here oh kim kardashian has kaitlan jenner is not a good person crews keeps colin dunn chenpao is there anything else anoja now just him out and about because he just got out and he's already ah.

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