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I it seems like a pretty disastrous piece of real estate acquisition but one that massively enrich trump now his press guy says nothing to see his who's a reasonable investments you guys or conspiracy theorists but it's it's price range so removal of the oligarchy we're talking about is connected to president trump's secretary of commerce wilbur ross and they're connected through the bank of cyprus so bank of cyprus's apparently bank known for enabling money laundering is that accurate yahya that's accurate and so wilbur ross in 2014 became this bank's chief shareholder and rebuttal of owns ten percent of that bank less nobody'd it okay so what's tell us about the connection between were above love and wilbur ross so cyprus is is a kind of mediterranean island that is a kind of major offshore node both in this story and and other russia stories essentially any selfrespecting all the gawk doesn't keep his money inside russia but offshores it and cyprus is the most logical destination one of the people who did this was for me to reveal of left the rational ago people terms mansion he got sipri citizenship along the way but what were the story gets interesting is one of his sort of investment partners in in the bank of cyprus was wilbur ross the future coma secretary and again people of a says he doesn't i ross that there's nothing nothing but a special guy on here pop and the fact that one of the other shall this is a former kgb guy and this is the thing with the kind of trump russia's story that wherever you look over the people in trump's government especially in its early stages have a kind of russia connection i mean it's obviously trump did the picking but it's almost as if putin had the last word because we've got wilbur ross who is what is the bank of cyprus renowned i was doing business vare shipping company with vladimir putin soninlaw we have michael flynn who whose was a wellknown but clearly was taking money from russia today the kremlin propaganda channel and other russian interests not declaring it them have rex tillerson i mean he he was a famous oil guy i i used to write about him in moscow and he got this order of friendship from vladimir putin sort of sky blue ribbon pinned to his chest and he.

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