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Nathaniel Harvey was convicted not once but twice. Irene schnaps nineteen eighty-five death in planes, borough jersey, abolished the death penalty in two thousand seven but now DNA evidence is making Harvey's guilt dubious. There is down creeping in now about the ability of US border. Authorities to care for thousands of miners arriving with families trying to enter this country. Those concerns have been heightened by the deaths of two Guatemalan children in three weeks. It has been a banner year for legalized marijuana across the country. But despite that being a key campaign promise of governor Phil Murphy with just four days after today left to go in two thousand eighteen New Jersey has missed the boat. Legal pot remains a priority for Murphy in two thousand nineteen oil analyst, Tom closer says those. Low gas prices will last a little while longer. But he also warns next year will not end with the low prices. We ended up with this year. A lot of the money that drives prices higher has exited since October it'll come back in two thousand and nineteen unless there's a recession. He says jersey pump prices are averaging about two thirty four gallon right now. But there are a handful of stations in the state selling a gallon for less than two dollars. It could be life in prison for a Linden Waldman accused of sexually assaulting a woman then from jail making a call to his victim posing as a detective to attempt to scare her away from testifying. Authorities say thirty nine year old Michael Williams is a persistent offender no prison just five years probation, given to a twenty two year old Camden woman, a babysitter who had been accused of kidnapping a four-month-old dodgy a hill was found on a train with the boy..

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