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And de escalate the situation Number three. We clean up downtown and number four. We open up for business. Mayor Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have asked the feds to leave, saying they are making things worst. The latest covert 19 numbers out of the State Health Department show that more than 1400 people have died and nearly 5000 have needed hospital care. These totals are among the more than 45,000 confirmed cases statewide. Out of the more than 753,000 tests nearly 6% of come back positive. Governor. Endsley met with South Ken counter leader South King County leaders pushing for more compliance when it comes to mask use in our fight against Cove in 19 gun was Jeff Pooja will report saying the area is a hotbed for the Corona virus. The governor reiterated the need to mask our business leaders expressed appreciation for the state is doing To encourage mask usage, and I am appreciative of the business leaders. You are stepping up to the plate in the state of Washington encouraged people to use math ends early, said he and the leaders in South King County are unified in their efforts to fight the disease. Jeff Pooja look Comeau news. Seattle marriage Any. Durkan has vetoed the payroll tax bill, but it will still become law. The payroll taxes the successor to the failed head tax, and it passed with a veto proof majority of the City Council. Serkin returned the bill on signs saying it will have a devastating effect on local business. But with supermajority support among council members, it will still become law. Some new developments in the killing of a bottle. Police officer Cuomo, Suzanne phone reports. Investigators now say Officer Jonathan Shoop was killed by friendly fire not by suspect Henry Washington's gun detectors with smart Snohomish County Multiple agency response team revealed startling new details from their investigation. They say Officer Shoop and his partner Training officer, Mustapha Culture were in the same patrol car. Shoop was the driver. Investigators say Washington approach them and fired two shots at close range. Investigators also say Char was grazed in the head by a bullet in the gun battle. In a statement from smart detectives also revealed quote It is also believed Officer Kun sure fired multiple times. With one of the shots, striking and killing Officer Shoup in the crossfire. King County prosecutors pressed forward They say the charges against Washington do not change in charging documents, prosecutor stated quote the fact that Mr Washington did not fire the fatal shot is in material to his culpability in this crime. But for Mr Washington's directed attack on the officer's officer Shoop would be alive today. As for Washington, he remains behind bars. No bail for him after several sweeps homeless encampments are making a comeback across Seattle. Almost Jonathan show, says frustrated neighbors wonder if.

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