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After a quick break. And if you've got a problem, it's lose. First call with us at 312981 72 100 If you want to talk to Mr Manfredini coming up, 3129817200 It's another chilly morning, and unlike yesterday it's going to stay that way. Pretty much today. Here is the latest Steve with the windshield, too. With winds gusting up to 30 MPH Today, the high of 41 is going to feel a lot cooler than that. Mostly sunny today is the forecast and then mostly clear overnight. A little 29 looks like a chance for some showers in the afternoon tomorrow, with morning sun giving way to clouds on high near 51. Then on Sunday, some breaks of sunshine, but there's also a 20% chance of showers. Near 46 is 34 at O'Hare 36 in midway 38 along the lakefront. It's 30 in Aurora. Last year, The master's Paul Casey shot an opening round. 86 followed that up with an 82. Much better this time, a 65 and he's got the lead as they get ready to wrap up the rain delayed first round this morning. Casey has it two stroke lead a new crashing the Bensenville area on route 83, just south of Irving Park and Lakeshore Drive heading south bound right after 31st Street. We have two left lanes blocked because of a car that slid off the road and hit a tree. I'm Vicky conclusion from the Idot traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death Today 1 to 4 and a dove Lantus. Then we used to have phases announced years it was five phases. Now we have three tiers. We've got different regions. If only we could order off the menu. Right? I'll take Phase one is that good? Good Because I thought one of them was descending order and one is descending order. It's like in def Con at the Pentagon. When you're a pro, Your reputation is built and proven over time. That's why the Home Depot carries Loctite Pl premium Max Construction, and he said, the strongest on the market. It's days 100% solid after curing it won't develop air pockets and like your reputation it holds up. Overtime right now get 12 or more for the full price of only 8 53 each loctite pl Premium Max at the Home Depot. How doers get more.

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