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Well Cara. Thank you for coming to the PODCAST. Thanks for having me. I'm always so excited to catch up with you because I know I'm going to hear about like a dozen deeply important things to me that I should be spending more time on that you somehow. Raising, a family of four four. Four I mean they're out of the house now it's. I've my third that just started college, which is insane and criminal. CONGRATS coming out the other end of IT I. Feel like they've learned a lot by having not only mom but parents that are super busy and entrepreneurial and going up against crazy odds. Right and these are the the next generation that is in afraid to sort of think about things think differently follow passions. All of that kind of stuff. So I'm sure it's such a journey and you learn a ton from them and like it's definitely perspective I don't get because I, don't have any. You Know Sixteen to twenty two year olds that I kick it with on a regular basis. So if you don't have that, it's kind of impossible to have their perspective you will though you'll see. Well funny funny enough like the go-to it'd be. Pre having you know more than one child would be like man how did you? How did you start hint with a family of four in the House I don't understand how that's even possible and then it's like, oh, it's making sense of chaos. It's just like starting a business it. No I totally as I remember when I was first starting hint people would be like what's it like being a mom starting a business with kids and and I was like you mean starting a business with four kids under the age of six. Like and you know an I joked about it but I said, I, remember one day when I was grocery shopping in target parking lot and I see this I didn't have my kids with me and I see this mom who like was holding one kid's hand and she had to was at were in like the top part of the carton one was in the car and I was thinking Oh my God like that just looks crazy and then all of a sudden I was like Oh my God that's what I look like probably. Right you just roll. You just don't really. Take. The time to actually think about how nutty it is and you know we'll talk about this later but it's part if I have a book coming out in a little bit launching on October twentieth hold undaunted in you know there's there's definitely stories about that and sort of things I've learned along the way where. It's really about tackling your doubts and your doubters and and just going and doing it and learning along the way, and you totally are an example of this as well. Where thank you you start in one spot and you just and you learn and you tackle failure and you're not afraid to say you fail that certain things and you're GonNa do better and all of those things. So I think like those are the best entrepreneurs frankly I think did the best parents that are the best friends right? They're the best mentors all. The the best leaders, and so that's really what this book is getting people to talk about it's it's being called part business part definitely talks about the journey building, my company hints, but it's also a bit autobiography. It's also a bit self-development. You've always been able to bounce your early team AOL like pre hundred people days at AOL, and I know her you know a had a had a really rich experience building that from a up a big organization building the family and building hint this you know you're incredible your incredible water company. That has really helped my household and I'm sure millions of others get off, of Soda, and of course I I want to get into that story in particular but but but growing up like is this is this something that you always this is how you find balance. Were you a high school kid doing like eight different things passionately at the same time? What do you see? It's like the through line the threat? Yeah. Well, two things. So my dad actually think about him now off any passed. Away about ten years ago, but he was an entrepreneur but not in the traditional sense, he had actually launched a product inside of the large company, a large company called Conagra but the product was called healthy choice. So I grew up with him you know constantly tinkering my mom had decided in her forties to go back to work and really follow her passion around fashion maybe most DADS would like learn to cook but my dad instead since he was working for a company called armor food companies. which was later acquired by Conagra he decided why don't I just go develop a product line that I would actually want to eat you know I grew up in a house where I mean looking back of course, you never really appreciate your dad right when you're little you're just like Oh my God what's he doing now? But things like you know storytelling around sourcing and I mean, he was really the first packaging and product and I've gone back to sort of you know. Double check this as well that really he would talk about the fishermen off of Saint Simon's island who were giving up their you know their breakfast with their kids in order to catch the best shrimp in the morning and you know things that nobody was doing I, mean, this is like the early eighties I grew up around didn't have an appreciation for this at all but I also was the youngest of five kids and I talked about this a little bit in the book. As well where you know I always I couldn't figure out like why my brothers and sisters got to like have jobs and and do things that including they had money right they can go out and go to the mall and go shopping and I couldn't because I didn't have the same money because they actually had a job and so when I was fourteen years old I went and got a job it toys store and in Scottsdale where I grew up and I remember coming. Home and telling my dad, I got a job on Sundays and he's like wait why like what happened? How did you get a job? You're not sixteen and I was like, yeah, no I I applied and I got this job at alphabet toy store and I'm going to the cash register and he was like I can't believe they hired you and so anyway fast forward a few months I just I was a kid right so I knew what toys to buy and so people. And then they would always ask me like Oh. My you know my son really likes to read mean what should I get him? He doesn't really like toys and I would always. Point him to Shel Silverstein or you know like like just books that were just like would take you out of. Your element and things I'd always know like how to figure out things that people didn't know about even before they walked in there and so so you're saying you killed it you're absolutely filthy toy salesman well, I was. Meyer was sort of like the Tom. Thank you. Yeah and so I, I would go to these like buying shows and again I, tell my friends. Hey, I'm going to this fine show this weekend and they're like, wait what what, how do you get to do that and you get paid and you know as crate and again like I I, think I was always I always sort of lead with this theory of I am so lucky that I'm able to do this like I loved being the one that was doing stuff that other people weren't doing like I. Just I sort of I led with kind. Of like I'm so fortunate that I've been able to get this job. It continued on like I you know I was just telling a friend the other day actually a friend on facebook. Reminded me how one summer I just decided I was going to start a camp for kids and I asked my friend rob and she wanted to start the scam with me and she's like what's the camp about and I was like well, I get these boxes at the grocery store that are for toilet paper paper towels, and you know when I decorate them at home and I. Have a camp it will build a city. She was like wait we're gonNA build a city and I'm like, I, don't know maybe it's a town, but it's like something it'll be great and she's like, where are we going to find people I'm like Oh let's just make a sign and we'll just hold the sign up and my brothers and my sisters were like laughing at me I mean they were just like wait. What are you gonNA. Do now that I'm like a guy got this whole idea five bucks..

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