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Overall expected to be one of two defensive lineman Georgia's Trayvon walker or Michigan's even Hutchinson We're Bloomberg sports Ethan All right John thanks 6 37 on Wall Street time to take a look at stock some of the names moving in the pre market Bloomberg radio and TV markets correspondent Gupta it is hard to ignore the move for Facebook parent meta platforms this morning It is wild and we should start off with just the ticker right We're still haven't switched it to medal So the taker is still FB Shares up 17% over 17% and if you remember Nathan last quarter they had this massive sell off because they had the warning that you're now hearing from alphabet to be very careful about tiktoks that are starting to lose some of that demographic This time around we're hearing it from Alphabet Facebook on the other hand or I should say meta platforms saying that actually they've gained more users than they actually expected in the first quarter Now a lot of this actually comes from Instagram They're actually focusing on the Facebook platform anymore They're focusing on Instagram And I think something that really caught my eye here was the fact that they're saying well be careful of TikTok but Nathan I don't know if you're active on Instagram I am I do enjoy the Instagram Well there you go To be honest But you know that there's they've kind of created reels which is sort of a TikTok and a lot of the tiktoks videos End up on Instagram So it kind of seems like that has made this all in one platform for meta and at least helped with some of those earnings pictures So meta shares FBE is the ticker once again up Over 17% It's not the only tech name we got to watch here Apple Amazon reporting after the bell But this is really important Qualcomm also reported after hours yesterday queue COM is your taker up get this Nathan 7 and a half percent Now this is the oh that's big It's huge And this is the company that makes most of the chips for apple's iPhones It helps Apple iPhones connect to high-speed data networks And they're saying well actually they were able to kind of secure their supply chain they're able to expand it into new markets And a lot of people say well if Qualcomm is doing so well does that mean apple's earnings are going to be pretty blockbuster today And then we're vice versa If Apple says iPhone demand is going to drop does that start to hit Qualcomm shares as well Nevertheless this morning some optimism here QC OM up just shy of 8% and Apple shares AAPL following that lead up 2.2% Nathan All right just quickly we had some earnings cross just minutes ago Can you get to some of those Yeah let's talk about caterpillar This is going to be your big economic bellwether C 18 is your ticker It is actually moving this of course off earnings as well up 1.6% as it overcomes some of the supply chain issues surging demand one of the issues here was just how much construction will there be after you've already seen this housing boom and it looks like the maker of that construction equipment maker still getting some of that demand All right Bloomberg radio and TV markets correspondent creedy Gupta with us this morning looking ahead to the open futures are moving higher with S&P futures up 59 points down futures up 277 in NASDAQ futures higher by 255 points That's a gain of just about 2%.

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