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I have no idea you're a vivid hot august eighteen agency that one oh my god i'm going to have to find a three because it's one of my favorite movies and is it a cartoon yes okay animated i think it's judd appetito oh yes on yeah uh i keep talking yeah so anyway others that senior they're like oh my god we're basically going to the promised land and then they start getting cooked and they're like oh really you're being murdered that so funny ah will that i have a picture from a long time ago now body when the movie came out and i put it out if so trashy i put on my instagram of me licking the hot dog was like a billboard picture you but i'm like putting my tongue into it yeah proudest called out lewis our talking them mudug movie so so we think the vegetables that didn't get consume now yeah i think so i think that triggers may fear of abandonment to some really got again after the frigid or 900 re i know it's like hospice for vegetable is all eddie well uh the home she was you can say it was more anyway i don't know it was going to be more carrying out about vegetables nah um i think the youth oh that's what i can say i feel like if you don't eat your vegetables it's like having a dog that doesn't have an owner it wants to serve you young like the valuable wanner serve you right they wanna get caught up in in bid digested on crew vita answered their sacrificial lamb nia okay so we've decided so vegetables who've been eaten you are not sattar near not saturday yeah okay and so for our next segment we're going to do freudians slips which no pressure as you say there isn't is to say the first were that comes unit at we know this game mmhmm um and with anyone else called for audience limps as an but with whatever they call this i don't know on okay first word constipation corn.

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