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Than that. Get solutions with Comcast business with fast Internet and advanced WiFi, powerful cyber security solutions, 24 7 support and more. You get everything you need to bounce forward. It started with a great offer from Comcast business for a limited time. Asked how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade call or go online today to anymore, prepaid card offer ends one. Unfortunately, one copy restrictions a complete details. Away from traffic and whether it's 3 32 our fears of a stock market downturn preventing you from investing. Hi, I'm Rick Adelman. You know, you need to invest to get better returns. But you're worried about losing a lot of money if stocks fall. Well, I have the answer for you. Introducing downside defender. This new service let you own a diversified portfolio, but it lets you tell us a target value. But you don't want your portfolio to go below If the camp value drops will reduce your stock, Alec. Nation to help prevent your portfolio from falling below the target. You said. Then, as markets improve, we build the portfolios allocation back up down side defender isn't market timing. It's a smart way to defend your future. Talk with one of my colleagues here it Everman financial engines so we can help you decide if downside defender is right for you. For now, there's limited availability for downside. Defender. So call now Triple eight planned Wreck. That's Triple Eight Plan Rick or visit us at Ric Edelman dot com. That's rice, Delmon dot com with traffic Here's Allan Green. And shade. Lynn remained shut down between 30th and 34 4 police activity investigation of earlier shots fired for 65 eastbound Alison build a 60 nines and traffic 69 South bound slows 82nd 4 65.

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