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You not Bill Arnold? Arnold Bill had any PODCAST. I'm forgetting about yes. I earned that because I am terrible with names. All forget recipe's name if I don't have it on his name tag on his name. Hi My name is rusty. Aren't so anthony. Has Leeann and Jon Marcus and Bill Arnold for his twenty twenty class rusty? Who's it in in your estimation liens great? She did pave the way for women. Darren is probably one of the best cooks. And the nicest Guy Ever WanNa talk to your whole life You know I don't know Desert Robinson's part. The only one that list. I couldn't tell you about but if it was me as a poker player and back in the day when rounders came out that really changed the Games and everything blew up. You know there wouldn't be poker on. Espn or they're always was. But you know what I'm saying if it wasn't for that show so Jon Marcus for me is shoe and I think just because of what he's done for the sport of Competition Barbecue Bill Arnold. Of course Men everyone everyone says on here. You know to copy his rubs and seasonings and mostly his sauces. Yeah is the best thing ever and Aaron Franklin kind of I don't know I think he has a game in a way that Jon Marcus it. He exp- he exposed the Texas Barbecue to the world. You know no one would be doing what he you know he in such a way and techniques and the way that he's opened himself up to teach people about it. I think as game changing as well and man I'd say close fourth agree with me ahead and save me head. Because he's also pioneering stuff you know he's able to take all of that s and say hey it's not all crazy we let's dumb it down so. I know I want a little more. I would put that. I would put that probably saying Jon. Marcus Bill Arnold in Franklin me had in that order only three but okay got it got really convoluted there towards the end. Russi so Who who who are the three that are going in. I Apologize Okay. The three are going to be Jon. Marcus Bill Arnold and Aaron Franklin Air Air Franklin. Okay there you go myself. He's very Guys are dropping new episodes each week. Correct every Thursday. We had John Lindsay on from al-Qaeda. Who was my state hero? So I was really excited about that one. So that's coming out this Thursday Anthony. What's the hardest part about doing a podcast? The hardest part doing a podcast is probably getting it out there. It's wrestling I. We can bullshit all day long about Barbecue and remembering people's names obviously but getting it out. There is definitely the most difficult things I've noticed with the PODCAST Russi. What's the worst barbecue? Podcast out there right now. The worst the worst. That's on the.

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