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Marsh. That man to man talk those hard truths. Resonated any changed and were seen in this play this season. He's played really well. I have only one concern with this. The fact that there's only the one not only the one guy, but one guy in specific that can really push you and get the best out of you like Jesse marsh is doing with Tyler Adams. Every manager should be able to do that with you as a player. Did it ever happen to you in your playing time? That you sort of lost your motivation and you needed either a manager or another player, a leader to getting your ear and get you back to that place to get you out of your comfort zone and be that hungry again to be the best version of yourself. Yeah, I don't know, that's the case with Tyler because he didn't necessarily have that with Jesse and Leipzig. You know, if we're being honest, he didn't have the best moment, Jessie didn't have the best moments. They didn't get the best at each other at Leipzig. But with Tyler Adams, I strictly think it's him. It's how headstrong he can be for himself. Jesse marsh is just a believer. He's a guy that pushes, but he's not the only one he can play for 'cause he did very well with Julian ogles, man. You know? Yeah. He played very well. Played multiple positions for him. So that can be an issue. It's Tyler Adams getting tired atoms focused because at one time Tyler Adams was the best player in his position in Concacaf. He was the best defensive midfielder in Comcast. That's not the case today. Right now it's Edson Alvarez. So can you get himself back to where he was? Can you become the best at his position again? Can he be the leader of the U.S. national needs him to be three months from now? Yeah, that was some good good talk and I'm glad Tyler Adams feels that way about himself because probably that means what we are about to see the best version of Tyler Adams at the right time. Just before the workup. All right, let's run it back again. Josh sergeant

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