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Is inside a driver's Eric Harley here. How do you stay entertained during downtime? Well, now you can unwind at the end of the day with live HDTV right in your cat, and would dish portable satellite in tennis. It's easier than ever. Mount them to your roof or stow them until your day is over, then just set them up in your sleeper, the antennas are lightweight setup in minutes and don't require a wifi connection. And it gets even better with dish. There's no long term TV contract would dish pays you go programming. You pay for only the months, you actually use check it out at dish from my truck dot com and fleet owners want to give your truckers the comfort of home on the road. This HDTV is perfect for fleets to get all the TV you love to watch at home in the comfort of your cap. Find out more. More at disregard truck dot com or call eight three three truck TV that's eight three three eight seven eight two five eight eight restrictions apply. Eric Harley here, you know, Red Eye Radio is trucking's best source of news and information. And now we're going the extra mile to bring you extra special content information, and news in our new podcast dedicated to you the driver. It's called red is extra mile and it's for you. The owner operators, your one stop shop for all things trucking from taking care of your rig to taking care of your health to new products and technology, new regulations, and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead. We'll tell stories bring in experts talk about current industry issues and discuss the things that matter to you. You can listen while you're driving. You can listen while you're not driving. Tune in on demand to rent is extra mile a new trucking podcast from Red Eye Radio available on apple podcasts Google podcasts. Stitcher, tune Spotify, and of course, our website, redeye radio show dot com. Tune in on demand to rent is extra mile from radio. The fullness show. It's Red Eye Radio. Carleen, I'm.

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