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But whatever was maybe wasn't ruggie but it was his first playoffs against the team. You might know something about the celtics. With larry bird. And he loves fifty points on the great larry. Bird and the celtics. That's the way you say. A new star is here. That's the way you introduce yourself like loops the greatest basketball player. I believe at least of all time. I'm here i come. I come in the playoffs. And i love fifty on the birdman. You know. that's that's how you do. That's how you do it and that's how you do it. If you're if you're bella toy manet citre you're going you go drop a go drop a check. A perfectly placed kicked on the superstar of bella. Taw and you you get him out of. There am very very very very fast and impressive fashion. So that's what i saw can and it was brilliant. Brilliant display of used ness this the body that got the best of both worlds because he got essentially got the knockout put. He wasn't quite out and he got him. He actually finished him with the gila standing. Guillotine choke which again on a brazilian blackbelt like pit bull. Choke them out. Even when he's hurt it was a perfect ending for mckee. Got him with you. Got to use a bunch of different tools and show off all his skills and A pit bull how. Tko over michael chandler who arguably could be in line for a for one or two lucky breaks the ufc losses last flight. But he was talking about him in line for a title shot so that helps fight talavera and yet all you know her. Yup olivera came back with a great fight. Great hit a knock up and pit bull has a knockout win over chandler. Aj mckee made it look easy against him so now j. mckee he made it into the hall. He made it to our wall of fame. You see. I got his picture up there for of course when you've got no you know you'd gotten somewhere right. He can retire now really. He made a hall of family. There is no there beyond that. I mean dr that's really you know. How's he can really accomplish. That could be graded the nats. But you're right. You know he he. It all got set up with the kick that he got hurt with that he gets to that that filipina full guility while while at just not only ended even tackle by he just he. He told the rabbi told the refugee sleeping put him on the ramp is so he picked his all. Mobs seaver fell. Sport just might be. That might be tip a tough sport when you're picking up a guys to see if he's gone that's yup well we got a reminder of that too in the ufc. We'll get into it now but there were some fights in the us. That my god these guys sound like a broken record but these guys are and speaking of a broken record before we jump into the teddy. I'm home after four weeks of extensive traveling. I was on vacation but travelling from our vacation to work. And one of the things i credit with keeping me going and i know you've been a big fan of it is athletic. Greens against i know. I sound like a broken record but these awesome spent a lot of time developing this. It's got seventy five whole food. Sourced ingredients probiotics prebiotics vitamins minerals. I credit athletic. Greens with keeping me..

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