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I know like what the hell you're giving them the shoes who let them do what they want with that you gave them away those their shoes. Now, let them sell the damn shoes. Now they were getting a shitload of money, like two thousand dollars. Yeah, but those are like rare, like Jordan, Jordan staff, right? Yeah. So. They only gave them to the North Carolina players. There's only a limited, like probably what hundred of them probably there. So who good morning? Yeah. Just like AJ green with his jersey that he saw, let them who cares like, why are we governing these guys so much that they can't even do this stuff. They can't even like they have to worry about what they're eating. What meal appropriate guys of Florida who took their like the tuition cards bought laptop, said the laptop stolen. That's wrong. I mean, that's fraud in the real world. But if someone gives you something you build a sell it exactly, especially shoes there. So many places, check Craigslist. Imagine it'd be are like, hey, guys. We got a deal with some company. Here's a bunch of gear, and I'm like, I shit wrong size or not really need this thrown on Facebook marketplace. Right, exactly. Or if you went out and bought some shoes or if you gave me some shoes. Yeah, like here, these what worked for me you can have or for whatever reason you gave them me. I can do what I want my shoes. Now I can sell those sons of guns. Yeah. And if I'm getting a couple thousand dollars for them, go good. Those shoes are in the mail tomorrow. It's like, I mean, I'm going to start wearing stick to football stuff and Conan game warn and putting it on EBay. Yeah. See, I mean, I did it and I gave it away, but it went pretty fast. So I think we've got a thing going mourn way. Speaking of stick to football year. I don't know of now is the right time to say this, but I'm going to we will be September fifteenth in Austin, Texas for USC at Texas. We are looking for some locals who can help us figure out where to be before and after the game. So hit us up on Twitter and fell scout at mellow Esquire. If you have that information now moving along Aaron Rodgers best for last baby. He did two interviews this week, which is crazy. The Kevin Clark, the ringer, and then one with Mike silver of NFL network and didn't hold back at all. He went off. About the misperceptions surrounding the anthem protests and he went off about his receivers, not being any good, and I love it like I have not been his biggest supporter, and I've always thought he was kind of a shitty teammate, which, okay, maybe call on your receivers. Shit isn't good, but it's about damn time. Somebody stands up and talks about the anthem and not just somebody a dominant white play in the NFL thing because LeBron can do it. Yup. And I'm glad he did, but you know, Colin Kaepernick has been ostracized for doing it. And even though the guys in the NFL who've spoken, I've read on all these other guys. They're not premier players. Dak had the opportunity to and back down from, you know, guys like Chris long kudos to him for what he's doing without a doubt, but he's not Aaron Rodgers. Having Aaron Rogers come out and being like, you know what? Yeah, this is unfair. It's not about the flags. The only person with a bigger influence would be Tom Brady. Yeah, and I don't see him coming out and doing he had a maga- hat and. Not not with his owner, so great on Aaron Rodgers to come out and finally be like, let's look at the true issue here. These guys aren't protesting our country or our military. Yes. Any another part that I love on this is he comes out and says, if we're so mad about the players taken a knee, what about everybody else in the stadium? What about the people that are working the concessions? What about the people that are at the concessions or the cameramen that have to work through the anthem? Yeah, or have out lazy son bitches..

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