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Trying to think what is the thing that I hope that guys who are listening get out of this and the first couple of things I would love to hear what you think, but first couple of things that come to mind number one is I hope guys can hear to Christians who are coming through this at a different angle? Just lovingly have these kind of conversations because I think they're so healthy and I think they're really unhealthy. doing them on the Internet where people are just kind of yelling at each other all the time. So that's the first thing I would say just having Christians being able to have these conversations in a loving way I think that the we it's important for Christians to be to to wrestle through this stuff and to do with love in like to say and I want we both want. Follow Jesus here I love that analogy gave at the beginning. We're. We're not on opposite sides. We're on the same hill, looking at Jesus trying to figure out our Jesus. What wisdom would you give it to us? And then the second thing is these are the kind of I think this should be the posture of the way that we have conversations with our kids on what I'm afraid of is, if we give our kids really definitive, black and white answers, this is what you should do then when they go out into the real world, and they have people who kind of test that or who have different perspective I frankly, that's where a lot of young people end up leaving the church like Oh, I, didn't even you know. My Mom and dad must be really old school and I'm GonNa. Listen to what they say anymore and so I think just being able to like process these. Obviously our kids are for some of US have young kids. Your kids are getting too into their teenage years old young adults, and so, but just to be able to like. Sit Down and have these like really. Let's wrestle through the scriptures. What does the Bible? Say What do other people's that we love? Say like what would our gay friends say? What would our? What would our Jesus loving friends say and like just? Just wrestle through all of that together I. Think it's just really really good model to set up for them, but anyway I guess that's kind of the things that I hope that. People who are listening to get out of it. Is there anything from your perspective like this is what I hope. A listener gets out of this. Yeah. I, think I need a really good I love the idea of as Christians we, we can work together work on the same team like we we we have to learn to like love each other enough like this liberal, rightly loving people, so let's do that to our brothers and sisters in Christ and like we don't have to die on all these hills. Linked to to get our.

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