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Members of the active duty military are here from Colorado. They're helping to run this federal site, the first such site in the country. Help to do about 6000 doses a day here, the shipments of vaccine coming directly here. In addition to what's going to the state of California, baby sees Alex Stone, a Facebook it will likely invest around $1 billion to expand its data center campus in Huntsville, Alabama. Myanmar's military is holding a secret trial for the civilian leader. It deposed in a coup. A member of Congress and the end of the CPS filed a civil lawsuit against former President Trump. Rudy Giuliani and to extremist groups. He is accusing them of conspiring to incite the January 6 riot at the U. S. Capitol, Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson filed suit under the Ku Klux Klan Act, a reconstruction era law that makes it illegal to prevent public officials from discharging any duties. It's actually in some ways almost drafted for this situation, even though it was drafted. Ironically, after the Civil War, Thompson's attorney, Jo Cellars, called former president Trump Rudy Giuliani, the proud boys and the oath keepers, the principal architect. X have a plot to try and prevent Congress from certifying the election results. Congressman Thompson is seeking unspecified damages. Aaron Kit, Risky ABC News, New York and our Next news updates at 12 30 I'm Susan Witkin on Keohane, NewsRadio, a 50 A M and 94 1 of them is our checking traffic with Brit Morgan. But Bedford Sports Traffic Center Decent drive across town right out with him earlier problems out of the way back up to speed on I 25 in Northwest Park Ruin Parkway with that crash Gone. Also better on westbound C 4. 70 Quebec crash cleared out of the way they're stalled on westbound. I 70 at York off the highway crash still being cleared Colorado at seventh and a crash on the North bound shared.

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