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You guys don't want to miss that one. Why are you guys blowing up fucking chat? Oh, it was ten man. I can't look at it sin men download shit. I can't download shit. Anyway. We were I did say you guys that I would tell it to you about song requests and stuff like that on the other side of the break N does just what I'm gonna do right now. We have to put a hold on song request unless you guys bullshit. All right. The quad you in about five thousand other fucking listeners just said the exact same thing. So the reason being is we have to buy our music to play the only real way, we can play music for you guys that being said, it's getting costly. We don't have the money come in that we put out these stores getting slammed the right. We don't have the money coming in to put out money for stuff like this. But if you guys Vanni song requests for any show or for us to put on the station you have to at least donate five dollars minimum, and we will get that song, otherwise unless we let you guys know right now, so request our own hold sorry to do that. But it's just way too and costs good idea. It's not a lot and it's great way to help support Dini radio right now. Like extraordinary then. I mean at least it doesn't cost as much back into ex-. Right. Right. Fever. Yeah. Yeah. It it's a lot cheaper than a bag of Dicks. Wait a minute. What me finish what the fuck? I've got to say. We let you twenty two fucking minutes. Go fuck yourself. Why don't you take some of that? Why don't you take some of those bags of Dick's and slim in your mouth? Yeah. That's what just happened. Anyway. The five dollars that you donate or more for your song request. We'll go back into d radio that does help cover licensing, these, hopefully we get enough money come in. We can buy out to add revenue each month, and maybe get rid of the three sixty five ads. We can put more into shows the website, stuff like that. And give you guys more stuff out of Devi Rayo. But until then we just cannot do it now TV six what is your suggestion really quick? Hearing like what you said, a preacher and then to say again, I tend to believe you now that like it's really starting to kill us with these people charging us for music. So we have this do this. But may I man, now that's one I said, I got an idea we could fill some of that time up with. And I need the listeners to blow up his Email box if you think this is a good idea. That's info at TV radio dot net. If you agree with living, but how about if gas host host myself? What if we sang some some songs we know to fill up some dead air? You know, I could do the sniper wonderland song Easter bunny song. I could do seeing one thirty you know my request only costs four fives. You know, not five like you know so you get a break their own. We do those. Uh-huh. There's a lot of stuff going through my mind right now. I'll pay five bucks not to hear. Getting a bidding war on that one. Right. Right. But yeah, a lot of people ask how you can help support needing radio. If you guys like DD sixes idea. Please send me an Email info at DD radio dot net. Let us know what you want to hear from DV six and our guests and our host, and we'll have make it happen just for you. But say there's going to now it is gonna cost you five dollars for every request there. Yes. Animal coming in now at a minimum of Britain for thirty seconds five dollars. We'll get it happening. But anyway, a lot of people have been asking, how you can help us help help support us other ways, just not monetarily equipment, me and JJ annoying have been talking about this extensively. We do need to quit. We've been have towed out when he goes to these events. Look in for equipment. Second hand, we don't care. I don't care if it was from the nineteen forties, as long as it's in working operating condition. I don't care. We need the equipment, it'll probably be in my studio. And for our host and end people that need the equipment will run it out to him. Until they're able to afford something that, that they can call their own or DeeDee radio can actually buy them Queant anything from sale panels to headphones. Mike's soundboards mixers you name it. If it goes in the studio audio or visual, we, we need it, we say, visual because we are planning on doing some stuff as far as video interviews therapy, the interviews and stuff like that. So if you guys won't that, and you're able to get us that stuff, just let us know Email to impo Devi radio dot net. We'll send you the information where to send it and stuff like that. And we'll even give shout out here will it. If you run a business will promote your business, that's another thing we've had a few people come into us asking us about how much sponsorship is because they're, they're the low on funds, and they really can't afford much. We work with just about any budget. You can ask anybody here. Anybody that does sponsor us? If you've got a budget. It. I'll work with you. It's plain is that so just hit us up impo DD radio dot net. JJ you did have something that you wanted to get through today? But before we go into that is there anything that you want to tackle into what I just said. You know. The music the music, getting music to you remember folks, please make sure that you obtain the music legally. Yeah, I wouldn't point in time had. Terabyte of music files, I can tell you that I obtain them through what this day in age would be considered the ferris methods a don't. So, so what he'll saying wasted is a head. He had a tear by and nine hundred ninety nine of that was he legal? Yeah. It was it was. I'm guilty. Hey man livewire back in the day, you know, Lenoir was might jam for a while. But what was cools? You find really rare stuff as you up. Finding record stores anymore. Somebody cited to transfer the, the old seventy eight to, you know vigil and uploaded on the line wear in behold cow kit. You can't buy this doesn't it this yet? Irrit- is so anyway, what am I have a picture of you dancing, the Charleston seventy eight? Actually, as outlets album. It was a very old very great apprentice exponents named Sydney-based shea. And from New Orleans, and let me tell you, this van was was brilliant and. Some of the stuff that he recorded you couldn't find anywhere else in I stumbled across it was only sold during the seventy eight aero, it was never re released in, in thirty three and a third, and never re released on CD or anything and somebody took the time to hook up there you know, old record player in the digital transfer and name the files in everything and put it up online wire. Hey, that was pretty darn cool. Yeah. I just add onto what JJ said about songs. If you're an artist if you're independent, you're not through a record label or recording studio or anything like that, sailor, Jerry. For example, we've been in talks with her. We've got some her songs on here. She gave us written express permission to play her songs, anytime we wanted to same for eastern still. Oh, just to us Email info at DD radio dot net. They have to be MP three or m for eight files as the only type that we can play and Gillis permission in that Email. Let us know how long we can run those songs if, if you have a cutoff date, and we'll put them on there, but other than that we actually have to buy songs outright. But yes, that's how this works. It's a whole go the VX as a teenager. You know, like decks, when I was a kid douse as center and just five finger discount. Legally sick. What natalie? Well now six it's called to figure discount. You do it on your mouth, computer? You know, we almost we call we were threatened with legal action. I didn't know this whole, meaning I am with this, fewer internet shit. The guy can do the pain is not a when the, when the Comcast whoever is provided for that house, calls and says, you know, we've sent emails like anything from Comcast. I just like up spam. Right, warning me that they were over there down, downloading like thousands of movies, and they had notified them or something, and it was being ignored and they notify me my Email, that's when the phone rang and said, we're about to shut off your service to both houses leveled out for this offense and might put the hell show Mon old guys over download or NAFTA porn. And regular movies, and it's like now I remember the fuck and UPS guy coming and he was bragging about this thing. What's something like you just said, that's what jog my memory ever has terabytes like something big? Yeah. And then, like you guys on movies home in a. Yeah. A five thousand lots as I'm like, what the fun? Dude, you're gonna shut the internet. And that's when I went to Google Marta. And told him what was going on? And then she explained some man, I was like, oh my God. Yeah, we almost got shut down here in threaten, so they're over there with horn on the internet, judge. Gotta love it. So JJ you were talking about something before we went to break, what what's happening? What's going on? Give us a little more detail and insight on. Yeah. I'm sure if if you if you pay attention to two stories, new stories about service stars and stuff like that. You can't have missed. I guess it started about three weeks ago. Can't missed the four veterans who came from a service trading organization were denied service in a restaurant in Utah. You cannot have missed then the family with the diabetic child. Alert service dog who were denied service at a restaurant in. Las Vegas Nevada in both cases. It got splashed all over social media. It's I don't know if it's alternately resulted in the closing of the restaurant in Utah, owner will seek, so they're obviously very possibly cultural issues with presences dog in restaurant if that I get that eat Megan understand the law, but by slashing the forty eight minute. Long denial of access all over social media. He got so much backlash that he shut down his Facebook page yelped removed, his yell page that may have shut down his restaurant. But the amount of ignorance, hatreds feud toward this van racists, rat was unbelievable. It was absolutely reducing really ugly. Yeah. Was there like death threats or something? We're not there were death threats enemy ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is not the way you know, and again, same things restaurant in Vegas. The, the handler, the Hanish must it's so you know, ADA allows for apparent is child that uses the servants talk to be alternate hamper if the child's naval do so everything will cold friends, who to be searched Hamburg's came down, and quote unquote, eight fit in tipped. It wasn't really a sit in, because they left when the business closed restaurants. Get them out if it were really intent on photos, they would have waited until the cops all often ankus. That's what a sit in actually is. And you know it created, again, a massive social media backlash against that particular branch of the chain and against the chain itself. And I stood up and said, wait a minute. What's the intent here? We Cam fact I actually posted a piece, titled when the cameras come out what's your pent, because what happens when you fill this kind of accident, and you posted on social media is backlash doesn't just hit business. You get the assholes who come out of woodworks and attack the handlers, if you, if you don't keep going anywhere without you in your hosts, you know, people don't understand how service will you don't look to save Judas book you know that kind of crap gets that kinda hatred too. So instead of anybody learning about the law in about how they broke the law. Everybody just gets attacked and it gets ugly. I mean, you know, listen bomb JJ then, you know, when I've come on your show, we've hit on this, but not when. When it gets the and this non about this per se, but about every time I come on. It's about the proper way of handling denial of service when you're, you're entitled to it, and this is why people, you know, I understand you're mad, you wanna bring your dog everywhere. And it so supposed to be allowed in there are people who don't know. And then, you know, but there's a right way in a wrong way. Yeah. And whether they're right or whoever's writing wrong, you know, the, the it's sorta like when you get in trouble you break the law. This is Colin of Ube doing something. That's a minor traffic violation and getting sentenced. Like as if you murdered, somebody right now, it doesn't fit then ever ends well. In your right? And is it's it's, it's bad for both sides of the conversation that need to learn and the ones who actually need go. These ways you can actually turn more people that are, you know what fuck out care. What the law says? This is exactly why I believe, whatever. People are insane. They care nothing. You're absolutely right. And I agree with you. And it's like you know it's education on both parts. I do harp on that. When you get into nine service, is it a matter of life and death that you get a new with your dot what's the right way to handle it remain on nothing. Good comes from go. Oh, doing inciting that. No. Citing inciting social Justice outrage. Jokes creates chaos. I mean I'd like better than that, as this was about, right. Right. This was a veteran who tried most the same kind of thing on my page in my grew..

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