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Thank you for joining the i'm jane matenaer this is wtmj conversations our guest today pollock highly the director of the milwaukee public library let's talk while a little bit about that amazing downtown building the central library here right on wisconsin avenue what is the what are some of the history of this building well it is a beautiful building aware located at eight fourteen west wisconsin avenue we the building takes up the entire city block so we have a wall street entrance santa wisconsin avenue entrance the building originally was designed by a firm called ferrying kloss the building was designed to hold both the public library and the public museum oh yes construction was completed in eighteen ninety eight there was a common rotunda which still stands today if you walked in the doors and turn into your left you at enter the museum if you turn to the right you would enter a library and i'm old enough to have a vague memory of walking in the building when i was in elementary grade student and remembering seeing the great african elephant which is now cross the street at our public museum so the museum of course built a new building i think it was i i'm guessing it was around nineteen sixty one fabulous facility why would you so you were doubled up here though for a low.

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