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I was at tower records like every job I've ever had adding a customer service or whatever but I know what hard work is since I was like as thirteen fourteen years old you know so I try to dibbled and dabbled in the streets as I say quick that was not for me. You don't mean like so. All I know is hard work. You know what I'm saying so sometimes I'll so consumed by Donana people that I take care of the people that depend on me. You know what I'm saying. It's like you lose sight of the fact that the people that really matter to you most. They're hurting. They need you day you know saying and about like just in some money or it's about time situation. You know what I'm saying. It's about physical year. The real thing for me in the last two years is is having no I believe in protecting my family a loved one so I don't put business completely out there but a particular family member where I had to see like get guardianship of them go in and go in my world had stopped everything. Athena's moving in my world and go and take care of them eight and get them back right. You know what I mean and that right. There Kinda like was groundbreaking from me great because it was I was on <hes>. You know what I'm saying. It wasn't able to do it it. What you know what I mean no other family member whatever it was Kinda I got the call we think the only one that they can make this APP and stop every day regardless of what was going on and in a going on at the time but I made it my business to you know any you know sometimes when you move so fast like the Creator Universe will do things grab your attention? You know what I'm saying just like just just like the people take for granted and your world. You know what I'm saying like so they'll go grab the attention. It'd be like Yo. You know what I mean like you. Can't you can't so you saw sewed so I think that for me. There's still a work in progress and that's something definitely I am. You know without notice challenge that we're going okay. That's fair enough now that you know. Is it warm out. Finally the last thing I want to do is stay in the house standing over the stove trying to cook like something. There's so much fun stuff to do during the summer. I just knew that option to just eat and go. That's one of my favorite things is about daily harvest daily harvest delivers thoughtfully source chef crafted food. That's built on fruits and vegetables and you can prepare them in less than five minutes. That's right because I don't have time. Bill your backs with more than sixty five different options like ready to blend smoothies refreshing chilled soups and savory harvest bowls. Everything's days fresh in your freezer until you're ready to eat it. Each daily Harvest Cup takes one step to prepare with room room for customization at your favorite milk to S- movie you know that'll be almond milk and blend or heat harvest bowl in tap it with avocado or a fried egg. All of daily harvests ingredients are sourced and selected for maximum nourishment and peak season flavor the best part daily harvest a single serving cups are the ultimate grab and go Miller snack so you can get a dose of nursing fruits and vegetables at any time of day go

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