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Yeah gartner johnson came in and kinda like look like almost put his finger in his nose at one point two. Did you see that you gotta wonder what was going on. So here's my question. He got kicked out. If you're the bears because this dude is a very good. He's like our fifth or sixth. Best receiver ryan. Do you cut the guy if he's if he's not one of your top receivers and he's acting like a crazy madman cutting. You could argue. It cost us the game. The next play after that fight we threw an interception next play and then they came down and scored and the game was never the same. The payers had control of that game and it all collapsed. You don't wanna loose cannon guy who's camps cancer in your locker room some crazy madman. Sorry you cut me right. I don't know who he is. I don't know how valuable he is to your team. I'm i'm telling you it's like on a team full of decent players. He's the fifth best wide receiver so kick quit watching it..

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