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Let's then go to since we're thirteen picks in you know chavez. Kelsey was the second pick of round two. Let's go to heath it. Pick eleven <hes>. You took michael thomas and then in around two. They're no more mike. Evans is the next receiver <hes> and only five running backs are off the board at that point. So what were you thinking there in round two yeah i i generally expect like i don't make the intentional planning. Don't stick to generally expect. I'm going to go see we're running back from the eleven th pick but when seven of them go in the first first round and james connor staring at me with the second pick of the second round. I'm thrilled with that to start with michael. Thomas and james connor very very happy with that start mike evans. I've taken him a couple of picks after this. I think ben took him three picks after this. I can't take as much as i'm excited about his upside. I can't mike evans over james garner or niqab. Dave dave had the tenth picky to julio jones and then coming back in the second round. He went with nick chubb so similar strategy. Heath heath goes michael thomas james connor dave has julio leo jones nick charles. We're kind of snaking back here. In the second round. We're going from the twelve team twelve to eleven to ten to nine jamie you had davante adams in round one and and with your second pick you were looking at mike evans and but used decided to take <hes> a running back yeah. I'm bill. I mean i i agree with much like mike evans. I wasn't going to pass up your those three running backs. They felt to me of connor chub or bell and you could have probably talked me into joe mixon. If <hes> if i didn't get one of those three guys okay so then ben decided with pick eight he took odell beckham and round one so now he's on the clock with his second pick and with connor chub and bell off the board plus travis kelsey he went with mike evans and this is also this is a somewhat zero r._v. Team for ben in the eight spot <hes> <hes> come around to it in round three when he picks. I running back so it's like a one rb <hes> so he fewer up with the seventh pick you took juju smith schuster and and now you've got eight wide receivers off the board plus eight running backs and your second pick for the ju ju team picking out of the seven spot was it was joe mixon and i don't. I don't really feel great about it. I'm a little bit concerned about every running back left and excited at the same time like i think joe mixon has the same the top five upside that we've talked about with carry on with delvin cook but i would much prefer in that spot to get mike evans <hes> abso- i wished that had happened but it didn't okay but but you you d mix and better than any of the next wide receivers and tight ends yup yeah all right so then dave so like what's what's you know from a from a takeaway standpoint was a little frustrating about this draft is that for you listeners out there like the the second.

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