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It was fucking weird man and Stephanie came out on raw while not came out. She appeared on a video screen, saying that Sasha didn't really win. The title but Oscars is still not the champion and they're gonNA have a match next Monday to decide. Who is the rollins champion? It is look. I'll let me be very fucking Oscar going into this I. Give the AWA W so much fucking shit for the referee stuff. This is actually fucking way worse than anything. Eight of US ever done with the referee thing and fucking they had they had a little rest in front of the guy. Someone else was hitting. And that calling a No D. Q. Like actually this is the most fucking thing I've ever seen in my life as far as rushing like. If I'm going to give day. W I told everyone I only give it when I feel like I need to give shit. This is fucking stupid. This is the stupidest up thing I've ever seen any refereeing at all. We'll go into it more. Benjamin McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziglar. In an extreme rules. Super D Q. You can't lose win by deep. You can't win by count out. Look. It's a weird stipulation, but was fucking genius for Dolph cigarette right the stipulation that he came. Extreme rules match, but if you do anything that causes this. Me The title if you Count Out, you lose the title. It was wonderful. It was pure Dolf Ziglar. He'll move. But drew McIntyre. Then there was the white swamp fight and Bray Wyatt defeated Lebron's stroman after drowning him. Mass murder going on. Posts are there not from Syria? That look twenty twenty has been the year for anyone who loses wwe because there's felony. Going on. Causing you? Aj styles was buried. Literally Zoo Estonia mysterious awesome. Twice Right off the roof yet thrown off a roof. Who else was thrown off the room? was also black Alastair Black off the roof that the next day was only a six foot drop. Ray Material has been fucking. You know Bronson was. Murdered? Apparently, but it's an organic slump sleeves fine. That was the that was the explanation. Why gave on smackdown like so it comes out. Snack now is preempted for all the baseball. You couldn't watch smackdown when it was supposed to Arab here in Detroit. Is still aired eleven o'clock or something like that. So I was able to watch it, and you saw brother Niro show up allegedly, but here's extreme rules man like. Nick? UTAH. No out because I'll be very. It's like I've watched. Two hours of WW broken in. Two of those hours were this and I kinda went into it, and it'll be alright. It'll be alright, look. I don't understand what the fuck they did with the end of that raw women's. Championship match. Don't I don't understand how random wrestler could take a referee shirt off of them. Put It on, and because I'm even think I've ever seen that. Before unless the person was scheduled to be at ringside as an enforcer or something like it started, as they had some official role to be in that meant I've never seen a manager. Just do it right because that's what Bailey was the saucer infant. She was her manager. I choose hair. Go hearts tagging. She was the manager. She's the manager on the side. Explain. Yeah Yeah it's like Kyri. Saying would have taken the fucking shirt off Bailey and there's no no no. No afterwards. Like At least I think that I would have been like all right now. We're just being stupid, but we're admitting were being stupid I. Can I'm okay with you admitting your stupid not to work for the match actually was going pretty well and so. and. It was probably one of the better matches. On the. Car and then the fucking ending of it happening like what the fuck is this? It's it's like you know. Looking at. Looking at his girl, she got a great, but like her hair nice long. Amos. Lady aerosmith style. You're like how I dammit. Rice but sir. Milo! And it was a woman's still a great as damage. You have an Audi and I like. I like Pie. You get strudel. Dumb and dumber thing trick on the ass on that one. Yeah, he must work out. But yeah, it's like what the Hell is this ending? Look, but then just. Look. Don't do. The new shirt. Look DOT DOT DOT com. Hey Look, who can we do a damage to a damage? Kind of Ronson. It's damning dammit. dammit. Look damage. I'll look again. Horrible this looking. Around. Doing, WWe's absolutely fucking horrible right now. We're not happy with it. It's the crowd is being told when to cheer when to Boo Right. There isn't at least when Awa doesn't. There's the peels are cheering. The deals in the face are cheering. It's fun. It seems like it's organic. Nothing, ww seems organic right now. Outside of the swamp at Brown is drowned in according to pray why in the firefight on smackdown? Okay, 'cause it's one hundred percent organic slump only about ww right now. And okay the Bailey Sasha storyline. They. When? Three months ago before quarantine were, they were doing this. It was horrible. Now it's wonderful. I love. It I will say that I can't wait for them to actually break up. And I think that's going to someone I saw an article that said it needs to happen because it's actually going to be the finish of something that started at an exterior. Yup, it is. It will. Definitely it's an xt. into. How Sasha in Bailey started that that did that takeover? It was touted as of the best women's matches of all time. I WANNA see them fight in wwe. I want the amount of main stage. I would love it to be at Wrestlemainia. But I don't know if you can build that this long, but I guess you could. Because there's also talk of Randy York. Taking the title off, drew McIntyre Summer Slam and then holding it until wrestlemainia where image whiteboard. Read them to..

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