Donald Trump, Greg Greg Gianforte, Montana discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Applauded the move Scott Carr, Washington. All right. So we got mount Pompeii down there. Maybe that'll help things out. Here is the light of the night from the Trump rally in Montana. Trump rally in Montana, please. Here we go Democrats produce mops Republicans produce jobs there you go. Did you say originally said that told me it was Scott Alan, the creator of Dilbert? I ripped it from Dilbert. To Dilbert rip off their Trump. That's okay. It's totally take it. So okay. So now, then Trump's in trouble because he said this we got a Representative Greg Greg Gianforte, Greg Gianforte, Greg Gianforte as the guy who was being just totally prodded by it was just goaded into pushing this reporter this was last time he ran guys in his face and just being a real jerk and finally and forty s enough shoves him up against a wall. And then he was in trouble. He was in trouble. He sits apologize penalties. You know that kind of stuff but Trump's in Montana where Jian forties from last night and Trump has a little fun with the and forty situation he knows his audience. The the left is becoming unhinged over this line. But what else is new Greg is smart? And by the way, never wrestled him. You understand that never? Any guy that can do a body slam these Mike?.

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