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We'll the other kids that she gave decent ordinary names to and you should i guess you should feel special did your a reflection of her true personality which is wacky nece probably me she loves you the most just like my mother loves me the world anyway geraldine geraldine where are you from st louis coach and what you i was too busy trying to name what's up my problem is iraq in my car will all and two we had about a month ago and it's to the point i am ready to sell the air inside the car iraq were recommended and pinon steering area couldn't resist couldn't resist ninety toyota south mataeo i find them on to find them on a window and on the dashboard everyone i causing entymology professor i caused mike taylor have any i got the solution birds carrots by a nice cherokee power it must be wacky she got is that of course we are all all wack cases have occurred i don't know why oh yeah the where you are borrow dollars valya borrow that one it's a vat i don't know i i i'm really distressed by this had well yeah oh yes of course batch do each sparta's he don't bats only two things each partisan and suck blood get the former instead of well you might get both but who knows so the idea as you put a couple of bats in the car overnight right and then you can drive or i'll during the day with the bats flying around inside the firearm that sleep during the day when sharaad distract right that will all three restaurants are ternal but the other possibility and yes is you need.

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