Jennifer Garner, Nicole, Ben Affleck discussed on Las Culturistas - 45 | 'I Don't Think So, Honey! Live' (Part One)


I'm gonna do the troll ball you pay for me here we go i'm gonna pick for you face the audience as you are subjected to this here we go nicole silverberg you were i don't think so is jennifer garner starts now i don't think so honey jennifer garner oh you're such a nice girl you're the capital one bitch of the world you're telling me that your dad a really call capital one and brags about being your father climate my daughter is the one who got cheated on berry poblic any jennifer garner leading ben affleck stay in her house bis get out of their thirty seconds you pick up your kids from school we all see you you're putting on a berry put together show i don't think so honey alias really fell off after seizing three what was the two years and i don't think so heine jennifer garner you could have done better and you still to hand if you give yourself a shot by take so honey jennifer garner schuckall couple pronounced capital warm commercials they are bullshit amazing nicole and now because.

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