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Well we were to that calling attention to it now mm known not really a writer is somebody tries to tell the truth right and your value to your society is a certain willingness to risk to risk being honest and so to be honest about this was part of the general job as i see it i think you found a lot of universal's in the particulars of your experience the psoriasis now like to ask you to read on a an excerpt of your chapter on psoriasis and i guess is john updike in this is a reading from his new book selfconsciousness psoriasis keep you thinking strategies of concealment ramified and selfexamination is endless you are you are forced to the mirror again and again psoriasis compels narcissism if we can supposed a narcissist who did not like what he saw in certain lights your face looks passable in slightly different other lights not shaving mirrors and rear view mirrors in automobiles are merciless whereas the smoky mirrors in airplane bathrooms are especially flattering and soothing once taste look says tawny as a movie stores flying back from the caribbean i used to admire my improved looks years went by before i noticed that i looked equally good in a lavatory glow on the flight down i cannot task reflecting surface on the street without glancing in in hopes that i've somehow changed nature and the self the great moya tease of earthly existence our each cloven into by fascinated ambivalence one hates ones abnormal erupting skin but his led into a brooding solicitous attention toward it one hates the nature that has imposed this affliction but only this same nature can be appealed to for erasure for cure only nature can forgive psoriasis the sufferer in his self contempt does not grant to other people this power.

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