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Friends that is also, thank you so much for joining us. We're going to hang up by the merge stand outside and just a little bit. We'd love to say Hello, get a t shirt hat off some stickers next week with doing our series Rapa of voter of the Phoenix, this episode of Harry Potter and the sacred text was produced by Nazari. Productions executive produced by Arianna gentleman with editing. Support from Arianna Montana's, we of the knightdale percents network. And we have special thanks for toll manager. We would also like to offer a special thanks to John green to everybody here. To everybody here at the pas auditory and. Porta's Sarah Borg leg. I should've practiced your name Jim Myers. And of course, we wanna think running out of using Maggie Needham, Denny agin, Stephanie foul. I'm I'm Vanessa tan Aram another Lynn. And this Harry Potter in the sacred tax. Joseph Fink, and I'd like to introduce you to I only listen to the mountain goats a podcast about the shifting line between artists and fan when I was a child reading the authors that looked listening to the music that I loved the thing I got from the feeling of being understood somehow we'd connection where it's not the person. It's not the stranger is the thing they've made opens the space for self reflection. I only listen to the mountain goats find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Ex..

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