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Then you get you you you get is tough was andrew mitchell and all other sisters and brothers i've dealt with this week i have i have always stirred the pods ladies and gentlemen we would not have a diverse and inclusive democratic party had it not been for people i am you did not disturb the power and so the fact that there is in two hundred sixty five words look i could have went on and on and on and on and on danielle told me the kurdish show i have some chapters that we left on the flow so i wish i can ray past two point oh i got some more to say but people should read the both for no other reason if you're a democratic activist you should renew because you wanna know how to them how to win again if you're an american you should read it because you need to understand how we're we need to protect our democracy in the future the russians are coming back and not the russians who knows i've been hacked by the chinese and the russians all i know is that of the north koreans com they're not come out the election system i'll vote machines all the little data adani's emails they're coming after our power grids they're coming after our airport towers they're coming after our defence systems so this book is warning about what we should be doing the prepare for in the future and the aca pending a white house now my democratic friends a man with me so what no gunboat for them now i'm still loving them i'm trying to give michelle the come out when they go low wego ha but the occupant of the white house he has yet to take prudent steps to protect us to protect you to protect your election systems to protect your voter registration systems to protect your grids from our future cyber attack so that's why i wrote this book.

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