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Partly sunny today with a high of forty two degrees. So nice. According to storm team ten meteorologist Zac greens forecast. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy with a high of forty one degrees. Rain rolls in here overnight on Saturday and will be with us all day Sunday could be heavy at times too with Sunday's high above Woody nine degree. So the good news with that is that it's not gonna be cold enough for it to be snow because if it was cold air man, we could get wacked with a rather significant snow event if you will. But right now, it's not looking that way. And it's thirty eight degrees right now. So after all the uproar that took place when a photo was recently discovered of democratic Virginia governor Ralph north Adams medical school yearbook photo page showing the man in black face and other in a coup Klux Klan hood reporters across the country have been looking back and digging into old yearbooks now yesterday Republican governor Bill Lee of Tennessee said that he regrets having worn a confederate uniform during the annual old south party. It was. Called held by his fraternity at the time after he was seen wearing that uniform and a photo and Auburn university's nineteen eighty yearbook. Lee said why never intentionally acted in an insensitive way with forty years of hindsight. I've come to realize that it was insensitive to have come to regret that too. We should. And in the meantime, we talked about this yesterday. The editor of USA today apologized for a black face photo of a man and a woman portraying Mike Tyson and actress Robin givens that was published back in nineteen Eighty-nine the Arizona State University yearbook of which she was the editor. So she's not in the pictures. But she decided that was a good place to put those pictures in the yearbook, Nicole Carroll said, it's horrible. And of course, that photo should not have been published. I'm very sorry for the hurt that I caused back then and the hurt that it will cause today as our poll question for today should public figures have to apologize for decades old yearbook photos. I go back and forth on that question. Sometimes I feel. Yeah. I mean because they're making decisions they're leaders. But also, I go when I think to myself, and my the same person I was thirty years ago forty years ago. I don't know how do you feel about that? You can log onto NewsRadio r I dot com should public figures have to apologize for decade old yearbook photos. And if you wanna leave a comment go to the Facebook page for the show yesterday's results local question, Rhode Island beach fees are going to be increased will it impact. How many times you? Visit the ocean state shores this summer fifty eight percent of you said, yes, it is going to have an impact while forty two percent of you said, no Spencer said all I can say is we best see some serious improvements in the beachgoing experienced this summer with these increases in the fees. No more scooping. He said and said Rhode Islanders shouldn't have to pay a penny. Visit our beaches period, Alex, said why can't we just increase the rate on the out of staters at all, you know, leave leave us where we are right now in Chris with his tongue. Lena's cheek said, I'll just keep paying fees on my pool. Thank you. So fifty eight percent of you said, yeah, the increase is going to have an impact on how many times you visit the shorelines here. There's a report out recommending some new consumer protections be put in place for student loan borrowers. Here's Susan Campbell. From my witness news settled in February is just a freshman, but she's already worried about repaying twenty three thousand dollars of student loans..

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