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It's the most dangerous type of drinking. Sometimes you you drink all day. And then you're you pass four fifteen. I hate it. I hate day drinking. You know, you go to a tailgate. I just I want fall asleep, and you you have like two or three beers. And then you go I'm tired, but two or three. That's respectable. That's like all right. I'm just sipping in eating. I know, but I'm tired. And then you go home, you take a nap. And then you'll wake up at like eight fifteen and you go now, what do I do? But you you do have to play through if he'd go that nap. It's I know now you're sounding a lot like Glenn with two ends. I know it'd be Dan with to end and with to end. Yeah. I think you sound soft Neth. Thank you. I just can't need a nappy. I do need a nap may I make no no excuses every day. You had drive from North Carolina to buffalo. Oh, the buffalo and miss the game because of an app because of nap. Yeah. But not because I was hung over. I take a nap every day. I do most days every single day. So get done here, go workout obviously net, and then I come home. And then take a nap for about twenty four to thirty two minutes. Twenty four to thirty two. That's why thirty to see I would say you're better off going twenty nine and under. I just that's how long I sleep. I take a nap for about twenty four to thirty two minutes. He said an alarm, no, that's impressive. Because a lot of study safe. You nap for more than forty five minutes. It tricks your body into thinking that you're going to sleep for the night, and you go into a deeper cycle, and it makes it harder to get out of it on the other side when you wake up you feel very drowsy. Yeah. Yeah. It's like you have to sleep for your nap should be like less than thirty or less than forty five or over ninety minutes. Yeah. It's always right around that. That window there. That's it. Sometimes I go home and taken that in my wife wakes me up at about seven thirty. And it's like, hey, you just going to stay in. Or are you getting up? Oh, sorry to like five hours. Well, that's that's pilot error. I mean, you you can't. Dinners on the table. I don't know if you wanna get up and you just want to sleep the night through. But this kind of your last chance. Yeah. Napping pass five PM is dangerous territory. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm I'm usually up around three thirty now. So it's it's a window about from two fifty till around three thirty and then you go work out again. And then I go work out again, right, obviously. And then come back have a healthy meal, and then go downstairs and drink tequila and smoke a cigar and watch TV. That's a good day. It's that's a great day. That is my day that only five days a week. Mix them on the weekends. You don't come here on the weekends? You do all that other? Yeah. That's true. Yeah. We well. We know your schedule. So well that if I have something to talk to you about our text you and have I see that it's between one thirty and four not answering not answering, and it better be kind of important get that on your phone that doesn't stop fritzy from doing that. No..

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