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It is national signing day and we will have all of it here and we will try to cover every available. Angle from start to finish as we say hello to you and get right to the headlines. National signing day 21, the race is on and at this hour, which is a three O one Eastern Time. Let's look at the rankings and yeah, it's a surprise. Alabama. Number one, Georgia at the number two position, I'll go ahead and read this for those of you who are not in front of a television right now, which would include a lot of you in cars and listening on the radio. A and M it, the three position missou at number four, that is a tenth overall in the country, Kentucky. At the number 5 position 13th overall South Carolina 6 in the SEC 16th, auburn has made quite a move overnight and currently has the 7th position and 7 teeth overall. This is an all SEC list when you get right down to it both obviously in the SEC but outside as well, Arkansas, LSU, Tennessee at number tenth, which makes them 23rd overall, Mississippi all this, Vanderbilt, 34th nationally in Florida is in the rear. Elsewhere in recruiting have you heard about what Jackson Jackson state did? That's Deon Sanders team. Travis hunter, the number one player in some polls in the entire nation, spurned Florida state. Yes, that is Deon Sanders Alma mater to land at Jacksonville Jackson state, not Jacksonville, David Jackson state in Mississippi. That is the story of the day. It's a story that will get a lot of juice around the country, transcending the college football platform, and we'll talk more about how that happened. Assuming we can figure it out later in the show, Roman Harper joins us right off the top jumbo, three 45 Clarke Lee, Brian, a big rush, Shane beamer and Dan grunfeld, the son of Ernie grunfeld, the Tennessee star book out, we'll talk to him in the final hour. So it's been a busy one. And the Jackson state move is certainly got a lot of people's attention and does it sound like maybe the NIL was involved in that. It's just a hunch. Let's get to the phones as well and get your reaction quickly at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. Let's begin with pat in Nashville. Hey pat. Hey, Paul, how are you doing, bud? We are doing great. Thank you. How about the doors, man? They had a better class than 96 other D one teams. I hope that translates into some more victories next year for Clark. I hope so. Yeah, Clark Lee did a really good job. His first full recruiting class. One more, one more quick thing, Paul. And I'm serious when I ask this, so I'd like some further callers to weigh in on this. If you lined up bam and Nick and Joe from red bay, which one of those is the dumber of the two, are they? I think that is such an easy answer. You're not going to you're not going to force me to say that are you, but. There are two of a kind. Well, no. There is a difference though between the two. One, one is funny. One is both have class, unfortunately, it's all low. Thank you for the call. John in Tennessee is up next. Hey, John. Hey, my name is Tom Kyle. Thank you. I take the tier 6 copyright next year and I think it's so sad we're coming back. Well, you know what, I think with hooker coming back, you're right. I think Tennessee has a chance to move off of what it did this year. I think there are going to be a 7 win team or an 8 win team. Because I think they're going to win the ball game and it's in a really good start for Josh hyper. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it very, very much. Let's check in with Bill in Florida hello Bill. Hey, how are you? Very well. Thanks for the first time power, but I'll listen to each afternoon. The primary thing I would like you to answer for me Paul is, what's the primary reason other than I think personally, it has a lot to do with money and notoriety, but your take on so many moves and I'm going back to even when the coach at duke had players starting to leave, he was national champions a number of years and then all of a sudden everybody takes off. Give me some reasons why you personally thank there's so much movement when within the last couple of years. Well, thanks for the call, Bill. Well, I think you're talking about the players, COVID made it a little bit easier to transfer everybody everybody picked up a free year. And the lessening of restrictions has made it easier. And players nowadays just want to play. They want to further their opportunity. And that's aside from the NIL. I thank you for the call. Appreciate it. Eddie is in Georgia. You're on the air hello Eddie. Yes, sir, brother, Paul, how are we doing today? We are doing great. Thank you. Yes, sir. Even though you get the number one recruiting all the time, you still got a coach in players up to play. And Nick Saban's staff does add all the time. I'm just wondering on black Monday after the NFL season is over. Are we gonna lose Bill O'Brien or we gonna lose the offensive line coach also? Do you think? Eddie, I don't know the answer to that..

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